Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

Like the name says, this Hollywood body wrap has been used by celebrities, but now you can have spa treatment right in your own home. These body wraps have been designed to make the process very convenient and simple to use.



What Will The Detox Body Wrap Do For Me?

This powerful detox body wrap canhelp you lose 4-6 inches in only an hour. The results many have experienced are remarkable, and because of the results, have recently become increasingly popular.

Use Natural Quality Body Wraps

Don’t use cheap imitations that are not made with natural ingredients as this may not give you the desirable results and may be to harsh on the skin. At organic health and beauty we recommend you with the best quality detox body wraps on the market. Try them yourself and see the results.

Easy To Use Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

Unlike detox programs like juice cleanses, using this detoxification method is easy to do long term. The easy to use wrap will focus on your problem areas, including your thighs, abdomen, and bottom. It will tighten the look of skin and reduce wrinkles on your neck and underneath your arms. This body wrap will reduce cellulite, detoxify your body and skin, lessen stretch marks, and make skin smooth and soft. You may experience a reduction in you waist, abdominal area, thighs, the buttocks, and around the bicep. Get that firm tone you deserve.

How the Body Wrap Works to Detox

Our body wrap selection works by drawing toxins through your skin, permanently, some of which exist in fat cells. Using natural sea clay, the strategic placement of the body wrap will manipulate the cells, resulting in a 4-6 inch loss after only an hour.

Benefits of Detoxification

Detoxifying your body has many health benefits. Harmful toxins accumulate in your skin and inside of your body, creating a sluggish effect and exposing your body to harmful elements regularly.

Purifying your body of toxins will increase your energy, your ability to sleep, your cognitive function, including memory and concentration. Examples of toxins that can accumulate in your body include: heavy metals, pollutants, drug residue, alcohol, poisons, and other harmful toxins. The removal of these toxins can support a healthy body. The detoxification and proper nutrition will also improve the health of your hair, nails and teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Hollywood Detox Wrap:

Q: How safe is the Hollywood Detox Wrap?

 A:The wrap is completely safe to use. But, because of its ability to manipulate the body, it is not advised for pregnant women. But other than that, the natural methods of detoxification will purify your body and nourish your skin safely.

Q: Are there any other health benefits?

A:Yes! The Hollywood Detox wrap was first used in spas not only to detox and lose inches but to promote relaxation. Sea clay is both nourishing and can reduce stress.

Q: Are the loss of inches permanent?

A:The weight loss is permanent as long as you maintain your detox routine, which is easier to do with a wrap than a juice or supplement. Since the wrap works by manipulating cells, and the body is always changing, if you stop, your body will likely change naturally. Just like weight loss through exercise, if you stop your regimen, your body will be affected.

Quick Body Wrap Detox Facts

  • Lose weight fast—as much as 6 inches after an hour of use.
  • Improve skin tightness.
  • Focuses on problem areas.
  • Can be used by either sex.
  • Developed by European spas.
  • The product celebrities paid big bucks for at a much lower price.
  • Reduce the look of aging on neck and underneath arms.
  • Includes 8 uses.