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  Detox Foot Patch - 30 Pack

Detox Foot Patch - 30 Pack


  • Removes toxins.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Contributes to immune health.
  • Gives an energy boost.
  • Improves mental function.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Anti-anxiety properties.
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Detox Foot Patch - 30 Pk

How Does The Detox Foot Patch Work?

The Detox Foot Patch naturally draws toxins out of your body and promotes overall health, these powerful foot pads help by strengthening the immune system and increasing energy. This remedy will improve lymphatic health and mental ability, including concentration and memory.

It works using the same philosophy as acupuncture, as the foot contains more than 60 acupuncture points. Drawing out toxins through the foot is gentler than other detoxification methods. When blood circulates through the foot, the patch utilizes these points to draw out toxins. As toxins are pushed away, they end up at the lower extremities such as the feet. Gravity is also aiding in bringing those heavy metals and toxins to our feet. We are exposed to many of these toxins daily. Many of the metals and other toxins in our body create health problems for us if they are not eliminated. When we walk barefoot we could also be exposing our skin to chemicals and toxins that are on the earth or surface below.

Our feet have pores and just like the rest off our skin, toxins are easily absorbed through the skin when we are exposed to toxic elements in the air, food, water. The removal of theses toxins as our blood circulates through our feet will help with increased energy and circulation in these extremities. Thousands of happy customers experience the benefits associated with a foot detox within a few weeks, not only that, the results are visible. As the toxins are removed residue will be left behind on the foot pad.

Instructions: Place patch on soles of foot before going to bed.


Benefits of the Detox Foot Patch:


You will actually be able to see this working when you take off the patch and see the black, brown, green, red and grey toxins that were cleansed from your body. After taking it off, you will get a “jelly legs” feeling as a result of the patch drawing out harmful elements. After a month of use, the color will start to get lighter and will look healthier. This is the result of the Detox Foot Patch’s purification.


When toxins build up in your body, they make you feel sluggish and dull, but you’ve had them in your system so long that you probably didn’t notice. After detoxification, you’ll feel energized, light, and youthful.

Enhanced Circulation

Blood detoxification results in improved circulation, which is essential for spreading nutrients throughout your body and healing.

More Restful Sleep

Without as many toxins in your blood, your cognitive function and ability to relax increases, resulting in the ability to go to sleep faster and to get more out of sleep.

Strengthening Of The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is important because it regulates the immune system. The Detox Foot Patch removes toxins from the lymphatic system, allowing it to work more efficiently.

Other benefits: homeostasis, increased metabolism, and stimulated blood cells.

How The Detox Foot Patch Draws Out Toxins:


Our detox foot pads have ionic properties that help draw toxins out from the soles of our feet. The other ingredients in our foot pads work together to provide the cleansing benefits as we sleep. This makes the detox foot patch convenient to use and provides many benefits familiar to a foot spa detox without the messy cleanup. Just slap on a pair to the sole of your foot and watch them work while you snooze away.

The ingredients in our cleansing foot patches are all natural. The foot detoxing technology was developed by Japanese scientists over a 24 year period. We use top of the line ingredients with the perfect ratios of powerful ingredients. Stay away from copycats and cheap imitations that claim to be the best, our detox pads have been strong on the market for over 3 years and we continue to make customers happy by providing them the best foot detox patches and doing so with natural ingredients. Below is a list of the natural ingredients that provide the foot cleansing benefits.

The Detox Foot Patch works by combining two powerful cleansing ingredients—tourmaline and wood vinegar essence.

- Tourmaline is one of the only minerala that generates negative ions through infrared rays. This calms and heals your body. These ions stimulate the acupuncture points, delivering these soothing effects to organs throughout your body. There have been many additional benefits associated with the use of tourmaline including, stress and anxiety relief.

- Wood Vinegar Essence has been used for thousands of years as a soothing and detoxifying antibiotic. It has the ability to help draw toxins out of the pores of the skin and helps blood circulation.

Common Foot Detox FAQs:


Q: What happens if I use the Detox Foot Patch on other parts of my body?

A:Results! While the Detox Foot Patch is the most effective on the soles of your feet, using it elsewhere can be beneficial as well. Putting it next to locations of pain can have soothing effects. Some suggestions for other uses:

- Put patch behind the knee to reduce knee pain and swelling.

- If you would like to treat your eye, place the patch on the temple or behind the ear. You wouldn't want to mix the ingredients into your eyes.

- As long as you don’t place the patch someplace harmful, like on the eye or mouth, you can experiment with its effects. Try your back, over the kidneys, or where you think you might benefit.

Q: Is the Detox Foot Patch safe?

A:It is more than safe—it is healthy! The Detox Foot Patch uses ingredients from nature to detoxify, so you’re not putting harmful chemicals into your body. Instead, you’ll only be taking them out. After a month, you will be able to see how much healthier you’re getting based on the color of the discharge.



The ingredients in our foot patches are all natural and provide the detox effects by creating a unique and synergistic effect.


Dextrin, eucalyptus, globulus wood vinegar, menthol, tourmaline, and silica dimethicone silylate, an agaricus mushroom.

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