Organic Chlorella: Great Source of Chlorophyll

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a component derived from cyanobacteria and from the chloroplasts found in plants and algae. It is an important component for photosynthesis. In the culinary world, chlorophyll is primarily used as a food additive for additional color or for other benefits. Chlorophyll is not water soluble. 

What Does Chlorophyll Do?

There are many claims of the health benefits that chlorophyll present. Humans do not have chloroplast, which is where chlorophyll is derived from. Chlorophyll has to be ingested in a pill form to enter the human body. 

Chlorophyll has been linked to reducing body odors. It is used for appetite suppressing and helps fight food cravings, making it an adequate weight loss supplement. Chlorophyll helps protect DNA synthesis and works to fix damaged DNA sequences. Chlorophyll binds with metals that are normally toxic, such as carcinogens, and helps to clear out the body of these harmful metals. 

Recently chlorophyll has earned the status of superfood. This is due to its highly potent nutritional and antioxidant properties. This combination eliminates free radicals. Chlorophyll has also been linked to helping prevent Candida infections. Candida is a type of yeast that grows in the body and can cause complications if overgrowth occurs. Chlorophyll controls the growth of Candida.

Additionally, recent studies have started correlating data to suggest that chlorophyll shows strong potential for new cancer therapy treatments. 

Why is Organic Chlorella Special?

Organic Chlorella is a part of a group of the oldest whole food supplements. Organic Chlorella produces a 100% organic supplement that is nutrient dense. Organic Chlorella contain vitamin A (Beta Carotene), protein, vitamin C, vitamin B, chlorophyll, and iron. The company produces a product that has gone through the process of breaking down the cell wall attached to their product to allow more nutrient absorption to occur. 

It is suggested that adults take Organic Chlorella supplement daily as either a 200,500 mg tablet, or as a powder. 

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