In the 1960’s the oil that was deemed the best for use in beauty products, like lotions and cosmetics, actually came from sperm whales, which were almost hunted to extinction because of the high demand. As it turns out, jojoba oil was discovered to be a far better ingredient than the sperm whale oil to use in these types of products. It eventually replaced it as a leading ingredient. Jojoba oil, in its purest form, has a slightly yellow tint and is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, commonly found in arid regions like southwest United States and Mexico.

In recent years, you’ve probably started to see more beauty product labels proudly announcing that their lotion, cream, etc. contains jojoba oil. Their claims are true, this ingredient will probably make their product smoother and better for your skin. However, keep in mind that many beauty products also contain a lot of chemicals, which cancel out some of the effectiveness of the oil. We don’t want to be naysayers, but for the health of your own skin, try to read labels before you buy. If you plan to use pure jojoba in your beauty regimen, we recommend unprocessed oil (the label may read cold pressed or unrefined). People with oily skin may assume that they need to stay away from putting more oil on their face.

Well, in the case of jojoba and other similar, organic oils, the opposite is true. When you put pure hypoallergenic oils like jojoba on your face, you skin absorbs it which sends a signal that you don’t need to produce your own oil. It actually helps you create less oil while providing your skin with the nutrients that it needs (which is why it creates the oil in the first place). For those of you without noticeably oily skin, jojoba is a great way to keep your skin feeling and looking smooth and youthful without clogging your pores (it actually acts as an antibacterial, which will cleanse your pores). A little goes a long way. Just smooth a dab into your skin before putting on your makeup in the morning (if you wear makeup) and your skin will be glowing all day.

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