Vitaforce Powder



Vitaforce Powder

Why Take Vitaforce Powder?

While most supplement plans include a multivitamin, greed food powder, and even a mineral supplement separately, Vitaforce Powder can replace this daunting regimen. In fact, these supplements may not even be as nutritional as you think – many multivitamin supplements do not contain enough of a nutrient to be effective or contains too much, or may need another type of nutrient in order to be effective. This means you are taking these supplements for nothing, or even having a negative result on your health. Vitaforce Powder is specially designed to provide all your daily nutrients in a combination that is effective and appropriate. Vitaforce powder contains several categories of nutrients – Vegetables, fruits, red algae, non-active nutritional yeast, and a probiotic blend that is dairy-free. This encompasses every aspect of nourishment, meaning that you will not need any other supplement.

Other supplements often contain nutrients that are difficult to absorb when separated from food, but Vitaforce’s organic ingredients are easily absorbed by your body to bring you complete nutrition. You can mix Vitaforce Powder into juices, water, smoothies, or any other kind of drink.

Usage & Instructions:

Does not have to be taken with food. Put 1 scoop in drink for adults and ½ scoop for children. May be used more than once a day, but should start out with ¼ a serving and work up.

Ingredient Spotlight: The ingredients in Vitaforce Powder are 100% vegan and wild crafted.

Wheat Grass: A detoxifier that aids with digestion and circulation. Believed to prevent cancer.

Parsley: An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that contains a rich source of vitamins A and C while strengthening the immune system.

Sour Cherry Juice: A rich antioxidant that reduces heart disease risk and pain.

Organic Spirulina: A rich source of protein that contains all essential amino acids.

Organic Wild Bilberry: A source of antioxidants that is believed to contribute to eye health.

Kale: Contains vitamins K, C, calcium, and beta carotene. Known to lower cholesterol and fat absorption, improve cell growth and repair, and prevent cancer.

Nutritional Yeast: deactivated yeast that is a good source of protein.

Complete list of ingredients: Org. Spirulina, Hawaiian Spirulina, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Org. Wheat Grass Juice, Org. Kale, Org. Collard Greens, Org. Parsley, Org. Beet Juice, Org. Broccoli Sprouts, Org. Spinach, Org. Icelandic Kelp, Wild crafted Calcified Red Algae (citric acid and malic acid), Dunaliella Salina Extract, Super Fruit Blend: Acerola Cherry Extract (25% Vitamin C), Org. Mango, Org. Acai, Org. Wild Billberry, Org. Wild Lingonberry, Org. Black Currant (berry and juice), Org. Aronia Juice, Org. Pomegranate Juice, Org. Wild Blueberry, Org. Concord Grape Juice, Org. Sour Cherry Juice, Org. Wild Elderberry Juice, Org. Wild Cranberry Juice, Org. Red Raspberry, Org. Black Raspberry

Non-Active Nutritional Yeast**: Nutritional Yeast, Zinc Yeast, Chromium Yeast, SelenoExcell® Yeast

Dairy-Free Probiotic Blend: FOS (prebiotic), Lactobacillus acidophilus (1 billion cfu/gm), B Bifidobacterium bifidum (1 billion cfu/gm)

**Can be used safely by people with Candida, Albicans, and on yeast-free diets

Contains 30 servings.

The Advantages Of Probiotics:

Vitaforce Powder contains living microorganisms: Don’t worry, the pro in probiotics means that these organisms are beneficial. They offer a variety of health benefits, including:

– Improved digestion

– Lowered cholesterol and blood pressure

– Decreased inflammation

– Vitamin production

And many more!

Vitaforce Powder FAQs:

Q: Why are most of the ingredients food rather than straight vitamins?
A: Vitamins are most effective when they are ingested how they are found in nature—in food. Providing nutrients in their original packaging makes it possible for the body to absorb them properly. Unfortunately, many supplements provide vitamins in a way that has no effect on the body.

Q: Why don’t I need to take a green food powder anymore?
A: Vitaforce Powder has combined all your daily vitamin supplement needs into one powder. There is no need to combine it with any other type of multivitamin supplement.

Q: Why does Vitaforce Powder contain algae? How can that be good for me?
A: Calcified red algae are rich in vitamin K and calcium. It is safe to ingest in Vitaforce