Hyland’s – 4kids Cld N Mucus Nghttme – Ea Of 1-4 Fz

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Hyland’s – 4kids cld n mucus nghttme – ea of 1-4 fz
country of origin : united states of america
size : 4 fz
pack of : 1
selling unit : each
ingredients : allium cepa 6x hpus purpose runny nose with mucus;hacking cough;sore throat bryonia alba 6x hpus purpose stubborn mucus in throat;cough with yellowish mucus chamomilla 3x hpus purpose irritability;fussiness;occasional sleeplessness coffea cruda 3x hpus purpose occasional sleeplessness;restlessness euphrasia officinalis 6x hpus purpose cough with mucus in chest hepar sulph calc 12x hpus purpose cough up mucus;mucus rattle with cough;stubborn mucus in chest hydrastis 6x hpus purpose cough with muc

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