African Shea Butter

All natural and pure African Shea Butter is the king of all skin care ingredients. Glides in smooth and protects the skin from aging and wrinkles. This African Shea Butter is certified organic and has been used by many of our past visitors and continues to be a popular product.



What African Shea Butter Does:

This powerful skin treatment is made of Shea butter from the West African Karite tree, which means “tree of life,” and jojoba oil. The nourishing quality of African Shea Butter restores balance and tone while improving elasticity. Made by West African for generations, this miracle Butter has only recently hit the worldwide marketplace.

The fatty acids in African Shea Butter stimulate cell growth and heal damage. This treatment can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions and to maintain healthy, nourished skin.

How African Shea Butter Can Be Used:

Irritated skin: The soothing properties of African Shea Butter can calm irritation from insect bites, allergic reactions, burns, wounds, and other skin issues.

Wrinkles: Keratin in this skin treatment can improve skin elasticity. African Shea Butter also stimulates new cell growth, preventing and diminishing wrinkles.

Massage: Promotes relaxation and nourishes skin while providing the perfect texture for massage.

Dry skin & scalp: The nourishing qualities of African Shea Butter moisturizes dry skin and can help treat conditions related to dry skin, such as chapping and eczema. Use on scalp can prevent hair breakage, stimulate healthy growth, and make hair look shiny and healthy.

Stretch marks: Often used to soothe the soreness of nursing mothers, Shea Butter prevents and treats stretch marks on skin.

Sunlight exposure: Blocks the UV rays from skin’s sensitive surface

African Shea Oil FAQ’s:

Q: What makes this African Shea butter unique?
Unfortunately, other manufacturers often over-process Shea Butter, removing many of its therapeutic qualities. The best healing powers are found with unrefined, naturally made butters. This butter is still made by West Africans who have been making African Shea Butter the same way for generations, ensuring its incredible healing qualities.

Q: Are there any medicinal benefits?
Other than treating dry, irritated skin and protecting skin from UV rays, African Shea Butter can also be used to treat arthritis and other join disorders. The butter’s soothing qualities can penetrate deeply to reach the joints and may offer pain and inflammation relief.

Q: How is African Shea butter made?
 Unrefined Shea butter is made from oil pressed from Karite tree seeds and then simmered until it reaches a cream-like texture. This is added to organic jojoba oil to make a powerful, natural and organic skin treatment.

Q: Is there any scientific support?
 Yes, a clinical trial by French dermatologists found that Shea Butter produced incredibly healing effects of 35 people of all different ages and of both sex. They found it effective for treating skin disorders and improving the look of skin. Of course, this was unrefined, quality Shea Butter.

Q: Is this product made according to Free Trade Standards?
Yes, our recommended products adhere to Free Trade Standards in our production of African Shea Butter, meaning that we value respect of our workers and value quality trade conditions.


Fatty acids, keratin, triterpernic alcohols, allantoin, resinous esters, cinnamic acid, stearic and oleic fatty acids, and other natural compounds.