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Cayenne Extract

Cayenne Extract

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Hot Cayenne Extract 200,000HU

An antioxidant, capsaicin is a common element of chili peppers and the secret ingredient in cayenne pepper. It is the cause of the burning feeling on your tongue or skin when using hot cayenne extract. This component releases endorphins, a natural method of pain relief, and is often used to relieve joint and muscle pain.

The oldest known specimens of cayenne pepper come from mexico. Scientists have discovered that peppers have been consumed as far back as 7000 B.C. The powerful properties of cayenne pepper make it a superfood that has many benefits.

Ingredients: Organic and wild crafted Habanero Pepper (200,000 H.U.) in a base of pure grain alcohol (1 fl. oz.)

Q: How hot is Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne Pepper Extract? I don’t usually do well with spicy food.

A:“Hotness” is measured with heat units. A tabasco pepper’s heat index ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 units while pepper spray ranges from 1,500,000 to 2,000,000. Dr. Christopher’s heat unit measurement is 200,000—enough to shock your body in a good way, creating a stimulated effect. Yes, this extract is hot, but should not be ingested in large amount-weights at once. Mix it into food, drink, or lotion. Start out small and work your way up.

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