Acai: Proven Benefits

Acai (ah-sah-e) is a berry indigenous to South America, that was popularized in the United States as a “Superfood” by two brothers who founded the company Sambazon, though it was a staple in the Brazilian diet long before.

Now you can readily walk into any health food store and find supplements, powders, juices, and snacks with this miracle fruit listed in the ingredients list. Acai has been described as a combination between grapes and blueberries with all of the combined benefits, most notably, antioxidants.

So, what is so important about Acai?

  1. Beautiful Skin: antioxidants galor!
  2. A Health Heart: same reason behind the benefits of drinking red wine. The anthocyanis. More about anthocyanins?
  3. Keeps you Feeling Energized: natural sugars and nutrients (and great taste) can give you an organic boost when you need it.

These are the three benefits that are most closely tied to regular Acai use. There is an array of other suspected health benefits, such as weight loss and immune booster (some sources will tell you that it is cancer fighting), and even more surprising, that acai can have major benefits to your sex life by causing an increase in blood circulation.

Now, we certainly don’t want to count these potential benefits out just yet. The restorative powers of raw foods, fruits and vegetables, are truly amazing and positively react with our individual digestive systems and bodies differently. Just as negative symptoms to allergies and prescription drugs can vary from person to person, you may be surprised by the positive benefits of taking an acai supplement can offer you.

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