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5 Effective Detox Methods

Posted by Ashley on 6/28/2015 to Diet & Weight Loss
5 Effective Detox Products: start looking and feeling your best right now!

African Shea Butter Hair Mask

Posted by Ashley on 6/24/2015
This quick and easy DIY hair mask is sure to bring the bounce back to those dry locks.

5 Home Cures for Stretch Marks

Posted by Ashley on 6/21/2015 to Skin & Body Care
Stretch marks, those unsightly red and purple lines that make their appearance on our stomach and thighs, are most often the result of pregnancy, rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss...

The Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Posted by Ashley on 6/17/2015 to Skin & Body Care
In the 1960’s the oil that was deemed the best for use in beauty products, like lotions and cosmetics, actually came from sperm whales, which were almost hunted to extinction because of the high demand. As it turns out, jojoba oil was discovered to be a far better ingredient than the sperm whale oil to use in these types of products...

What are Digestive Enzymes?

Posted by Ashley on 6/14/2015 to Diet & Weight Loss
Let’s talk enzymes. Enzymes are more important to your health and your body’s digestive system than most people realize. We have enzymes in our saliva, helping us get the digestive process started before we even swallow...

Organic Lip Balms: what you need to know

Posted by Ashley on 6/10/2015 to Skin & Body Care
How many lip balms have you tried in the last year? Probably dozens. Medicated, organic, hydrating, shimmer, tinted, flavored. You name it. You’ve seen advertisements for them while paging beauty magazines, you’ve seen them in drug stores, and you’ve received free samples with your makeup purchases. With all of these different types of lip balms available, it is difficult to know which ones have everything you are looking for in a daily lip balm, but more importantly, which contain organic ingredients that will actually nourish the skin on your lips...