The kidneys are the body’s primary blood filters. When they become overloaded with toxins, they become overwhelmed and begin to break down. These toxins can take the form of drugs, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, heavy metals, solvents, chemotherapy agents, etc… There are a wide variety of kidney diseases, but they all stem from this basic toxemia. If the kidneys cannot function properly to excrete salts and other wastes, Edema results. Toxic wastes accumulate in the bloodstream, a condition known as uremia.

Chills, fever, urinary urgency, fluid retention (bloating), abdominal pain, appetite loss, back pain, nausea, and vomiting. The urine may be cloudy or bloody.

  • Herbal detoxification products may be helpful in flushing toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and thousands of other poisons out of the body. We suggest using formulas that use organic, whole herbs. If interested, take a look at the Kidney Bladder Formula and Hot Cayenne Extract.
  • Vitamin E has been shown to prevent lesions and can arrest renal damage associated with kidney disease. We suggest a high quality whole food supplement, like VITAFORCE™ that is complete and made from whole foods. M.V. Biull Eksp Biol Med, 96(9), September 1983, p. 8-11 AND Scandinavian Journal of Urol Nephrol, 29(2), June 1995, p. 147-154
  • Drink “live” (just squeezed) juices (organic live cranberry (promotes healing of the bladder and destroys bacteria- celery/parsley/carrot are good diuretics-).
  • In the morning, drink the Kidney Flush drink; 8-16 ounces of distilled water. The juice of one lemon and lime. 5-15 drops of the Hot Cayenne Extract, and a touch of maple syrup for taste (optional). This drink may help eliminates toxins in the kidneys and dissolve kidney stones.
  • Eat a diet containing raw fruits, vegetables, juices , whole grains, legumes. articularly eat watermelon, garlic, potatoes, asparagus, parsley, watercress, celery, cucumber, papaya, and bananas. Eat the watermelon by itself.
  • Drink an 8-16 ounce glass of distilled water every hour; essential for urinary tract function.
  • Take organic, unrefined, cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil everyday as it has been shown to have favorable results with Kidney disease. American Journal of Kidney Disease, 25(2), February 1995, p. 320-329
  • Helpful herbs: Uva ursi, hydrangea, juniper berries, nettle, and marshmallow root.
Things to Avoid:
  • All Animal Foods: dairy foods (milk, cheese, butter, cream, ice cream), fish, meat, chicken, turkey, eggs, fried and greasy foods, margarine, and all other processed foods and animal derived products from your diet. These foods are laced with chemicals, pesticides, and toxins as well as high levels of saturated fats which have a very damaging a draining effect on the kidneys.
  • Salt, tobacco, caffeine, sodas, coffee, sugar, and refined white flour (breads, pastas, cereals- replace with whole wheat pastas, breads, and cereals). These products are extraordinarily destructive to the kidneys.
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