A rheumatic disorder characterized by chronic, achy, muscular pain that has no obvious physical cause. Such activities as lifting and climbing stairs are often very difficult and painful. The most distinctive feature of Fibromyalgia is the existence of nine tender points; 1. around the lower vertebrae of the neck, 2. at the insertion of the second rib, 3. the upper part of the thigh bone, 4. middle of the knee joint, 5. muscles connected to the base of the skull, 6. muscles of the neck and upper back, 7. muscles of the mid back, 8. side of the elbow, 9. upper and outer muscles of the buttocks. This disorder is much more common in females than in males and usually begins in young adulthood. Because mal-absorption problems are common, higher than lower doses of nutritional supplements are needed.

Chronic, achy, muscular pain that has no obvious physical cause. The pain is usually described as burning, throbbing, shooting and stabbing. Most commonly affects the lower back, neck, shoulders, back of the head, upper chest, and/or thighs. Other symptoms include PMS, painful periods, anxiety, irritable bladder, skin sensitivities, dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, and impaired coordination. Symptoms come on gradually and slowly increase in intensity.

  • Since, mal-absorption nutrient problems are common in this disorder, it is essential to consume high quality concentrated nutrients to help heal the body. We suggest a high quality whole food supplement, like VITAFORCE™ that is complete and made from whole foods.
  • Eat a well balanced diet of 50% raw foods and fresh “live” juices (foods that heal).
  • Maintain a regular program of moderate exercise, including some gentle stretching.
  • Set aside at least 8 hours for sleep each night.
  • Do the hot / cold shower routine. This means do 1 minute hot water followed by 1 minute cold water. Continue for a total of 5 times hot and 5 times cold. This stimulates the circulation in the blood and is helpful for Fibromyalgia.
  • Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of distilled water a day to hydrate cells and flush out toxins.
Things to Avoid:
  • Eliminate fatty dairy foods, fish, meat, chicken, turkey, yeast products, soda, eggs, fried and greasy foods, margarine, tobacco, white flour, and all other processed foods and animal derived products from your diet. These foods are laced with chemicals, pesticides, and toxins that play havoc with the body.
  • Do not consume and caffeine, alcohol or sugar in any form; these stimulate your endocrine glands which will produce a withdrawal effect that promotes fatigue, increases pain and disturbs sleep.
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