An inflammation of the skin that produces scaling, flaking, thickening, color changes, and often itching. As the skin is the largest elimination organ, the body attempts to remove the toxins through the skin. Many cases are the result of allergies. It can be caused by contact with perfumes, cosmetics, rubber, medicated creams and ointments, plants such as poison ivy, and/or metals or metal alloys such as gold, silver and nickel found in jewelry or zippers. Some people with dermatitis are sensitive to sunlight. Stress, especially chronic tension, can also cause dermatitis. Eczema is a term sometimes used interchangeably with dermatitis. Seborrhea is also a form of dermatitis that commonly affects the scalp or face.

Scaling, flaking, thickening, color changes, and often itching on the skin.

  • A deficiency in B vitamins has been linked to skin disorders. In addition, Vitamin C has been shown to be extremely helpful with Dermatitis. Journal of Occupational Medicine, 22(1) January 1980, p. 51-52 We suggest a high quality whole food supplement, like VITAFORCE™ that is complete and made from whole foods.
  • Use all natural skin care products avoiding all chemicals whenever possible.
  • Add brown rice and millet to your diet. Sensitivity to gluten is widespread although it is often unrecognizable; try a gluten free diet for six weeks.
  • Essential Fatty Acids, are necessary for healthy skin and have been shown to reduce symptoms of Dermatitis. Flaxseed oil primrose oil, and wheat germ oil are good sources. Vet Rec, 133(23), December 4, 1993, p. 571-573
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Herbal detofication formulas may be helpful in cleansing the body of toxins. Specifically, cleansing the kidneys and blood may be very helpful in clearing up skin problems. If interested, take a look at the Kidney Bladder Formula and Bloodstream Formula.
  • Try taking baths with detoxifying sea salts.
Things to Avoid:
  • Avoid dairy products, sugar, white flour, fats, fried foods and processed foods. These foods are full of toxins, pesticides, additives, and chemicals that you are probably allergic to and are therefore trying to be eliminated from the body through the skin.
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