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Oh Baby! Belly Butter

Oh Baby! Belly Butter

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Oh Baby! Belly Butter 

Winner of Disney's iParenting Media Award Outstanding Product of the Year! Also rated one of the "Top Ten Pregnancy Essentials" by Disney Family Editors and praised by many moms who write to us.

Organic Oh Baby! Belly Butter, the ORIGINAL mommy-must-have product, has become a certified phe-mom-enon! Absolutely safe and effective for mamas, babies and ANYONE that loves healthy and radiant skin. This rich, luxurious blend of nature's most nourishing and healing botanicals, softens the appearance of old and prevents new stretch marks. Restores elasticity and hydration, while soothing dry, itchy skin. A pinch of pure organic lavender and red mandarin will refresh and rejuvenate your senses. Now USDA certified organic! Two Sizes available: regular and travel size.
After childbirth, best to continue use to aid in the rebound of your skin and firmness. The result is glowing, soft and stretch mark free skin on your tummy. Yummy ingredients are a tasty smelling treat for new moms. But most importantly, they work! How do we know they work? We have all used it during our pregnancies as well as over one million moms who have bought our #1 selling organic stretch mark butter in US.
Tip: Use it early in your pregnancy and remember, its never too late!

QUICK TIP from MAKI ~SkinCare Expert, Herbalist, LA Facialist to the Stars and Creator of Mambino Organics: When it comes to stretch marks I have seen it all, as a facialist my clients like to share sometimes very personal experiences. Also as a mother of identical twin boys I gained an extra 100 lbs when I was pregnant. I was huge, wearing elastic belly support vest the whole time because I always felt my belly was going to jump out of my body. But our belly butter was a part of my regular routine way before I became pregnant because I was using it under my eyes, on my elbows, legs and feet. I felt that if something can be so rich and powerful to keep you from getting stretch marks why not use it everywhere. I love its unique texture, between a balm and a cream. I loved the way it made my belly feel so calm and soothing. I used it religiously and I didn't end up with any stretch marks. I believe when it comes to stretch marks it is true that, they are part hereditary, part lifestyle, genetics and other factors that play a roll. They are not pretty and mostly I truly believe that they can be prevented or at least minimized by simply using a great product and why not the safest and most pure product on earth. I developed my formula 7 years ago and what makes our Organic Oh Baby! Belly Butter still stand out from the crowd is our own unique recipe, the way it's made and the synergy between the ingredients that makes it a very powerful combination. For example: To attain the most healing benefits of calendula extract, which is a part of the formula, we first infuse Organic Calendula Flowers in the Highest Grade First Pressed Virgin Organic Olive Oil for 3 months! This is how long it takes to reach perfection. As a USDA Certified Organic Manufacturer we follow very strict production, handling and labeling requirements and must comply with all USDA rules and regulations just like organic farmers. As a family owned and operated company we manufacture all our products in small batches every month, keeping it fresh so when you order any product from us, you always get the freshest products on the planet that was made either this month or even this week. Do you know any other skincare company who makes their products like a fresh bakery? 

Let the natural warmth of your hands soften the butter, then massage onto belly, breasts, buttocks and hips AM and PM. For additional benefits, follow with Organic Moisture Me Body Toning oil. After childbirth, continue using to aid in the rebound of your body.
Note: For existing stretch marks , use in conjunction with Scar Repair Booster - afterpregnancy only.

Butyrospermum parkii (organic shea butter) fruit, Mangifera indica (mango) seed butter, Theobroma cacao (organic cocoa) seed butter, Olea europaea (organic olive), Fruit oil (and)
organic calendula officinalis flower extract, Rosa mosqueta (organic rosehip) fruit oil, Persea gratissima (organic avocado) oil, Hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn) fruit oil, D-Alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Calophyllum inophyllum (organic tamanu) oil, Citrus reticulata (mandarin) essential oil, Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) essential oil, Lavendula angustifolia (organic lavender) essential oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract

Why It Works:
You wouldn't dream of putting chemicals on your baby's skin so why would you put them on yours when you're pregnant? Processed at very low temperatures to keep all the goodness in, and then specially packed to preserve freshness and high quality, ingredients are kept active without the use of any chemicals or additives.
It's truly one of a kind. This extraordinary rich body butter goes beyond stretch marks and dry skin. It has all the right nutrients and healing botanicals to strengthen the skin cells and restore elasticity. All, you have to do is use it twice a day and continue using after childbirth to aid in the rebound of your fabulicious belly. Best of all it's made of the highest food grade ingredients so go ahead, use it all over your body, including elbows, feet, neck, lips and under your eyes. And don't forget to drop us a note.

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