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Diet Fads

The Diet Fads

Written by Scott Malin


Atkins Diet    Eat Right For Your Type     Enter the Zone


    They have made millions in promoting their diets, but are they good for you?  Is there true legitimate science and properly reviewed studies to back up their claims?  You will find in every case, they have NO published articles in any respected peer reviewed medical journals!  They conduct their own "studies" and refer to them as proof their diet plans work. Unfortunately, the health consequences of these weight loss fads can be disastrous.  Please, read what the expert's are saying below...  



The Atkins Diet, "is the classic profile of the fad diet scam. Promise people they can eat whatever they want, tell them this is a new and amazing revolution, promise them they won't have to make any effort, tell them results will be nearly instantaneous, and make sure they think that everybody else is doing it... if only it were true...but the scientific reality, published in thousands of peer reviewed medical journal articles, is clear.  The foods on which the Atkins Diet is based are the very foods that contribute to our most common causes of disease, disability, and death."  -John Robbins, The Food Revolution p.61-62

"This is absolutely the worst diet you could imagine for long-term obesity, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.  If you wanted to find one diet to ruin your health, you couldn't find one worse than the Atkins."  -James Anderson, M.D., a Professor of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Kentucky School of Medicine

"Dr. Atkins has NEVER published ONE study in ANY Medical Journal.  The one study Dr. Atkins funded found that on the Atkins Diet, 70% of people became constipated and 65% develop bad breath."  Dr. Dean Ornish at the Great Nutrition Debate, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2000.  Dr. Westman was present and did not dispute this finding.  

"The adverse health impacts of excessive meat-eating stem in part from nutritionists call the 'great protein fiasco'- a mistaken belief of many Westerners that they need to consume large quantities of protein... Among the affluent, the protein myth is dangerous because of the saturated fats that accompany protein in meat and dairy products.  Those fats are associated with most of the diseases of affluence that are among the leading causes of death in industrial countries: heart disease, stroke, and breast and colon cancer." - Worldwatch Institute 

"Ketosis is an indicator used at the Atkins center as a marker for whether a person is staying on the diet... The important thing is that you are in ketosis."  -Dr. Atkins

"Consequences of extended ketosis include muscle breakdown, nausea, dehydration, headaches, light-headedness, irritability, bad breath, kidney problems, and increased risk of heart disease."  - American Institute for Cancer Research, "Fad Diets Versus Dietary Guidelines" (1999).

"People lose weight on the Atkins Diet, because they are consuming fewer calories, dieters eat an average of 1,500 calories a day, and even less during more restrictive phases... patients felt tired and were nauseated on the plan...We're not recommending this diet to anyone." -Allen Green, Director of the Bassett Research Institute in Cooperstown, New York, 2000.


Eat Right for your Type: 

"Eat Right for your Type is not only one of the most preposterous books on the market, but also one of the most frightening.  It contains just enough scientific sounding nosense, carefully woven into a complex theory, to actually seem convincing to the uninitiated.  based on his and his father's 'research' and observation of patients. D'Adamo has pieced together the outrageous hypothesis that blood type determines which foods an individual should or should not eat...  Browsing through what at first glance appears to be a fairly impressive list of references, we found none that seem to support a connection between diet and blood type... Selecting the blood type gene as the same one that governs food and digestive capabilities is a purely arbitrary and we think irresponsible decision.  He could just have easily chosen to link food with eye color- and he would been no further off target... This outrageous theory is nothing short of sheer nonsense.  Were there any truth in it, it's reasonable to hypothesize that the human race would have died out centuries ago."  -Fredrick J. Stare, Founder and former chairman of the Nutrition Department at the Harvard School of Public Health

"The author speaks of his 'work' and his 'research' throughout the book but doesn't reference a single study that he has published in a scientific journal.  In fact D'Adamo's 'work' appears to consist entirely of anecdotes he has gathered from his caring of his 'patients' (he's not a physician) and of articles he has published in a non-peer reviewed journal that he himself founded and publishes."  Not recommended- Tufts Lowest Rating - Tufts University Health and Nutritional Letter

"There is no evidence in the scientific literature associating blood typology with nutrient needs." -Dr. Lee Lipsenthal, M.D. vice president of Dr. Dean Ornish's Preventative Medicine Research Institute.

"There is no scientific data to back it up.  I'd advise people to consider it for it's entertainment value." -Suzanne Havala, primary author of the seminal 1988 and 1993 American Dietetic Association position papers on vegetarian diets. 

"The diets recommended for all four blood type are each extremely low in calories.  Some day's plans have only 1,000 calories, half the caloric needs of an adult woman." -John Robbins, The Food Revolution p.72 

 "It's a fallacy to even speak of 'original' type O's or 'original' type A's because blood types did not originate with humans.. they came on the biological scene long before humans did  Furthermore, there is no anthropological; evidence whatsoever that all prehistoric people with a particular blood type ate the same diet." - Dr. Stephen Bailey, a nutritional anthropologist at Tufts University



  Well, just to start, take a close look at his books.  First of all, Sears admits HE IS OVERWEIGHT!!  (Sears, Entering the Zone, p.73) 

"Barry Sears' The Zone... is another diet craze...Sears' advice will probably help you lose weight, but only because you'll be eating fewer calories, not because his untested theories about protein, carbohydrates and insulin will put you into what he calls 'The Zone.'  And to experts who have seen miracle diets come and go like hemlines, hair-dos, and celebrity romances, that's nothing new... The Zone and other 'carbo-phobia' diets are based on eensy-weensy kernel of truth- blown way out of proportion by theory, not evidence."  -Center for Science in the Public Interest

"Although Sears hides it, the book advocates a low-calorie diet... Sears relies on studies that have never been published, peer-reviewed, or adequately controlled.  It's science fiction... He's preying on vulnerable people." - Alice Lichtenstein, U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University

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