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Weight Loss Detox

Weight Loss Detox

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  • Weeklong detoxifying weight loss program .
  • Safely lose 3-7 pounds over one week, but program can be continued longer-term.
  • Flushes the body of harmful toxins.
  • No need to fast.
  • Can treat hypertension and high cholesterol.

Weight Loss Detox

Why You Should Use Weight Loss Detox:

This week-long program will help you reduce your weight by 3-7 pounds in a safe fashion. Other cleansing weight loss programs require you to fast, which is technically a crash diet that will not result in long term success. This detox will reduce weight quickly as it cleanses your entire body. 

You will be able to feel the cleanse’s effects—the removal of harmful waste that has possibly been stuck in your body for a long time will make you feel lighter, younger, and more active. The improvement on your overall health will result in an improved appearance, including skin and hair vitality. You will feel better and sleep better not just because you’re losing weight but because of all the health benefits of body detoxification. 

Elements of Weight Loss Detox:

All of the ingredients included in the plan are natural and health beneficent. Other weight loss plans require the use of harmful drugs or harsh flushes, but these natural ingredients will nourish, heal, and prevent a variety of health disorders. 

Digestive enzymes: Promotes weight loss by helping digest food to its fullest nutrient potential. 

Blood Circulation Formula: Utilizes herbs that promote circulation, which improves metabolism and helps flushes out fat. Will contribute to heart health and overall body function. 

Hot Cayenne Extract: Speeds up metabolism through its intense heat at 200,000 H.U., which shocks the body in a good way, stimulating circulation and improving digestion. 

Camu Camu: This freeze-dried berry juice is the richest source of vitamin C available, a common weight loss aid. This nutrient helps you burn more fat during exercise. Camu Camu also contains bioflavonoids and limonene, a natural appetite reducer. 

A Healthy Plan That Helps Shed The Pounds Fast:

The reason why diets don’t often work is that they target weight loss rather than overall health. It is actually beset to think of Weight Loss Detox as a health plan that includes weight loss as a result. Rather than straining the body to lose weight, it encourages the body to work so efficiently that weight loss occurs. The harmful results of crash dieting include:

Slowed metabolism: Most crash diets require you to eat very little in order to lose weight, which might help you lose weight now, but will likely result in future weight gain. The other problem is that your body needs food, so it can only be done temporarily. Then, when you start eating again, your slow metabolism will have trouble making efficient energy from it. 

Heart problems: When your weight changes constantly with crash diets, it puts strain onto your heart and will lead to heart muscle loss and arrhythmias.

Anxiety: Going up and down, starving, and preventing yourself from the nutrients you need for proper emotional balance creates anxiety and can lead to depression.

Poor nutrition: If you’re not eating enough, you might lose weight, but that does not mean you’re healthy. Your body needs a wide range of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in order to function properly.

Common Weight Loss Detox FAQs:

Q: How will this help me lose weight safely? 
A: Unlike extreme calorie cutting and exercise, this weight loss plan treats the problem by improving your health. The weight loss will follow, since you’re not dieting, you’re cleansing and training your body to be more efficient by giving it the nutrients that it needs.

Q: How easy is it to turn this into a long-term lifestyle?
A: Since Weight Loss Detox is a health regimen along with a weight loss plan, it is safe to keep using after a week. The motivation comes from the results—you will feel better and lose weight. Many people use the elements in our Weight Loss Detox for other specific health benefits long term, so you know that it will not have harmful long term effects.

5 Stars
This program really works!
I had to write in and let you know how fantastic your weight loss diet has been for me. I lost 5 pounds in 7 days. I have so much more energy and am fitting into jeans I haven''t worn in years. Thanks!
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from New York. on 4/12/2007
5 Stars
I lost 6 pounds in a week!
It''s not just that I lost 6 pounds... for the first time in twenty years, I am getting a full night''s sleep. My nails look better, my skin looks better. All I can says is wow! Thank you so much!
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from portland, OR. on 4/12/2007

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