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Thyroid Maintenance Formula

Thyroid Maintenance Formula

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  • A natural supplement for thyroid and gland health.
  • Regulates metabolism.
  • Nourishes the thyroid.
  • Increases thyroid and gland efficiency.
  • Helps correct thyroid dysfunction.

Thyroid Maintenance Formula

This glandular healer, corrector, and maintainer works by feeding the thyroid vital nutrients, leading to greater metabolic efficiency. Herbal regulators will help correct imbalances and malfunctions. Although the thyroid gland is small, it plays a big role in our biology. Through hormone production, the gland is the controls metabolism, sexual function, and biological change. 

When the thyroid malfunctions, the symptoms include sleep problems, tiredness, weakness, and most females will experience menstrual irregularities. By supplying vital nutrients to the thyroid and its associated glands, Thyroid Maintenance Formula improves thyroid efficiency while naturally correcting hormonal imbalance. 100 vegicaps. 

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules, 3 times daily. For a more serious case, you can increase to no more than 3 bottles in 45 days. 

Thyroid Maintenance Formula Ingredients:

Kelp: This super-food helps correct glandular dysfunction. A rich source of iodine, which is essential for thyroid function, that will also help prevent infection. 

Watercress: Contains nutrients important for thyroid function, including vitamin B-6, riboflavin, and niacin. 

Mullein Leaves: This herb is an immune system booster that treats thyroid inflammation and is a common treatment for hypothyroidism.

Parsley: An energy and immune system booster packed with nutrients essential for glandular health. 

Nettle Leaves: Used as a thyroid tonic

Irish Moss: An antioxidant rich in iodine, this type of seaweed that acts as a nutritious soother of gland inflammation. 

Iceland Moss: Soothes throat irritation and is also a good source of iodine

Sheep Sorrel Herb: A rich source of vitamin C, sodium, potassium, iron, oxalic acid, beta-carotene and other nutrients that is commonly used to treat cancer and increases glandular health. 

Common Thyroid Problems:

Thyroid Maintenance Formula can be used to treat a number of thyroid diseases. It is estimated that around half of people with a thyroid dysfunction do not know that they have a problem. Common thyroid disorders include: 


This disorder occurs when the thyroid does not produce enough hormones. A common for is chronic thyroiditis, when the thyroid gland swells and thus functions inefficiently. 


This occurs when the thyroid produces too many hormones. The most common form is Graves disease, marked by an overactive thyroid.

The Importance Of A Healthy Metabolism:

The thyroid controls metabolism, the rate at which your body produces energy. Metabolism has a great effect on a person’s emotional and biological state. It plays an important role in cell growth, makes and stores energy, produces body heat, plays a role in releasing waste, and a number of other body maintenance issues. 

Thyroid Maintenance Formula FAQs:

Q: Why is thyroid maintenance important?
A: The thyroid plays a huge role in biological regulation and function. A malfunctioning thyroid will affect the entire body’s chemistry. A healthy thyroid leads to healthy metabolism. Metabolic imbalance is a common problems and results in fatigue, weight gain, joint and muscular problem, poor skin and hair, and reproductive problems.

Q: Why do so many people have thyroid problems?
A: Common causes include an underlying medical condition, environmental causes like pollution, and smoking, but many people suffer from thyroid dysfunction because of poor nutrition. Many miss a diet that includes iodine, a vital nutrient for the thyroid gland, and other vital nutrients.

Q: What diseases are prevented by thyroid management?
A: Some of the diseases that can result from thyroid dysfunction include directly thyroid related problems like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. But because the thyroid is so essential to bodily function, a malfunctioning thyroid can be related to diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, depression, heart disease, and other conditions.

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Insomnia Cured!
I have found great relief by taking Dr. Christopher's Thyroid Formula. I have recommended this treatment to others and to my mother and they all have found it helps their insomnia also.
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Reviewed by:  from Williston, ND. on 2/18/2007

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