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Sinus Plus Formula

Sinus Plus Formula

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  • A natural decongestant.
  • Herbal antihistamines prevent allergies and hay fever.
  • Clears the sinuses, airways, and head of mucous.

Sinus Plus Formula

How Does Sinus Plus Formula Work?

Sinus Plus formula uses a powerful combination of herbs and botanicals to clear sinuses and treat allergies naturally. After all, allergens are typically straight from nature, and so it makes sense to treat it the same way. 

This formula will treat inflammation, clear mucous, soothe irritation, and heal using ingredients that are nature’s antihistamines and anti-allergens. Lobelia herb even has mood-boosting properties that can help you relax after all that itching and sniffling.

Sinus Plus Formula Ingredients


These 100% natural and organic ingredients target mucous and the sinuses specifically to give you soothing relief, treating inflammation and encouraging healthy secretion.

Brigham Tea Herb: Also known as Mormon tea, this herb has been used to treat allergies and hay fever for centuries. Its astringent elements will reduce the secretion of mucous. 

Marshmallow Root: The mucilage element in this ingredient will soothe inflammation. Its genus, Althea, is derived from the Greek word meaning, “to heal.” 

Goldenseal Root: This herb from the buttercup family offers treatment for inflamed tissue and irritated mucous membranes. It will also help protect your respiratory system from inflammation. 

Horseradish: A spicy anti-inflammatory that targets and clears the sinuses, reliving sinus pressure. 

Burdock Root: An anti-allergenic that also treats inflammation. Used as a tonic to boost the immune system. 

Parsley Root: A natural antihistamine that also supports respiratory function. Also used as a diuretic and blood purifier. 

Lobelia Herb: An anti-allergen that thins mucous and soothes irritation. Also used as an anti-spasmodic and antidepressant.  

Cayenne Pepper: Reduces the allergic response in the airways, treating inflammation. The pepper’s heat “shocks” body, stimulating mucus secretion, purifying the blood and increasing circulation. Also a rich source of vitamin C.

Conditions That Sinus Plus Formula Can Treat

Sinus Infection: Air pockets in the skull become filled with mucous, blocking drainage. Sinus infections can be acute or chronic. Sufferers experience a diminished sense of smell, cough, tiredness, sinus headaches, sore throats, stuffiness, and fever. 

Chronic Sinusitis: A sinus infection that lasts more than twelve weeks. The sinuses will become swollen, filled with mucous, and in some cases, throbbing with pain and headache. 

Facial Pressure: This is more of a symptom than a condition, but the pain of facial pressure from sinus issues sometimes takes on a condition of its own with pressure behind the eyes, throbbing, and headaches. 

Common allergens

The most common allergens are natural environmental triggers, which include: 

- Pollen:  This powdery flower discharge that often results in hay fever shows all the classic signs of an allergen—itchiness, runniness, watering, sneezing, coughing. 

- Grass:  A grass allergy can cause asthma, hay fever, itching, and conjunctivitis. 

- Spores:  An allergy to mold seeds results in congestion, irritated and watery eyes, sore throat, and in severe cases, asthma and wheezing.

Sinus Plus FAQs:

Q: How do you know the difference between a sinus infection and seasonal stuffiness?
A:  A sinus infection can be felt directly behind your eyes and you will feel facial pain and pressure rather than just a stuffed up nose. But even minor nasal congestion can be a pain—both conditions can be decongested and drained with Sinus Plus, relieving pain and preventing future complications.

Q: I’ve tried everything at the drugstore to get rid of chronic sinus infections. How is Sinus Plus different?
A:  Herbal remedies take a different approach to clearing out the sinuses. Typical drugstore treatments will try and treat the infection chemically, so it is no wonder that they did not work over and over again. Sometimes they can be effective, but Sinus Plus uses an herbal method with powerful ingredients that have been cleansing sinuses for thousands of years. Herbal methods work with your body to treat infections, resulting in cleansed, refreshed sinus cavities.

5 Stars
The Sinus Formula really worked for me.
I had hives for years and the doctors haven''t been able to help me. I used the Sinus Plus formula for 5 days and it cleared up. Sinus Plus has also helped my granddaughter with the same thing.
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Reviewed by:  from Lafayette, LA. on 2/18/2007

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