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Organic Tender Touch Baby Oil

Organic Tender Touch Baby Oil

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Organic Tender Touch Baby Oil

About Organic Tender Touch Baby Oil:

This body oil is gentle but incredibly nourishing, meaning that it is safe and effective for use on babies. It is even safe for newborns. This is because our organic formula has high quality, pollutant free ingredients that do not contain harsh chemicals. 

Organic Tender Touch Baby Oil is a skin moisturizer, rejuvenator, and healer that can treat skin of both infants and adults, addressing a wide range of health problems. This oil is a great treatment for the commonly dry and irritated skin of infants. 4 oz. 

Organic Tender Touch Baby Oil Formula:

This combination of essential oils contributes to overall skin help and emit gentle aromas that are calming to infants. When used with baths and bedtime, babies can learn to associate the scent with comfort.

Jojoba oil: A potent, hypo-allergenic moisturizer and healer. The ideal herbal treatment for babies, as it can be effective against diaper rashes. 

Lavender oil: a gentle antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that is great for treating and soothing skin irritation. Its scent can calm infants and help them sleep. 

Geranium oil: A healing antimicrobial that stimulates new cell growth. The scent improves mood and can prevent herpes, which infants are often susceptible to and can be a fatal in infants. 

Clary Sage oil: An anti-inflammatory that increases circulation, balances sebum production, and can help reduce stiffness even with topical application

Frankincense oil: Can help heal wounds, treat inflammation, helps treat and prevent cancer, and acts as a disinfectant

Rose oil: This oil prevents inflammation from forming

Common Infant Skin Conditions:

Rash: A common problem with infants due to the sensitive nature of their skin, characterized by irritated and possibly bleeding raised bumps. A common rash with infants is intertrigo, found underneath the skin folds, which can happen when the damp skin attracts fungus and bacteria. Another is diaper rash, which occurs when babies sit too long in a dirty diaper. Organic Touch Tender Baby Oil can prevent these infections and soothe inflammation and irritation. 

Baby acne: Maternal hormones are believed to be the cause of these red face bumps. The condition can take a month to heal, which can be sped up and soothed by the healing powers of essential oils. 

Infant eczema: This condition of itchy, dry skin with patchy, red scales is one of the most irritating skin conditions to infants, causing sleep problems and lots of crying. It is often treated with antibiotics, but the infection can be stubborn. The herbal powers of essential oils can help heal and treat the pain of infant eczema naturally.

Common Tender Touch Baby Oil FAQs:

Q: Is this body oil safe for infants?
A: While not all herbal treatments are gentle enough for infant skin, the essential oils in Tender Touch Baby Oil were chosen especially for use with babies, as they are gentle enough and soothing to the needs of babies.

Q: Why should I use this formula instead of typical baby wash?
A: Many store brought baby brands, surprisingly, contain harsh chemicals, such as mineral oil. Don’t be fooled by how it sounds—mineral oil is a toxic carcinogen derived from crude oil. It is used as a sealing agent with building materials, and applies the same characteristics to skin care: it blocks pores, preventing oxygen from getting in and toxins from getting out. Other dangers include vitamin deficiencies. The reason that mineral oil is used in skin products is because it moisturizes without clogging pores. However, natural essential oils can be used for the same effect without the hazardous consequences.


Certified organic cold-pressed jojoba oil, essential oils of lavender, geranium, clary sage, frankincense and rose. 4 oz.

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