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Organic Calendula Oil

Organic Calendula Oil

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  • An antiseptic popular for burn and would treatment.
  • Makes skin soft.
  • Treats common problems like dryness and itch.
  • Works with skin to heal.
  • Soothes irritationr.
  • Fights signs of aging.
  • Safe for use with sensitive skin.

Organic Calendula Oil

About Organic Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil is best known for its ability to treat wounds, including soothing burns, healing cuts, and the prevention and treatment of infections. This calendula oil was made by combining calendula petals with olive and sunflower oil, as is common in wax form. 

This oil is utilized by many sufferers of sensitive skin, as it is unlikely to cause irritation with even the most sensitive of skin, because it is mild in nature and its chief benefit is to soothe. This makes it a good option for those with dry skin, although it can be used by all skin types. This oil is so gentle that it is often used to treat diaper rash. 4 oz.

Uses of Calendula Oil:

Wound care: As an antifungal, antiviral, and antibiotic with incredible soothing and healing powers, Calendula oil is often applied to burns, cuts, abrasions, and especially infected wounds. Also used for insect bites and acne. 

Dry skin: Calendula oil can handle even the driest of skin conditions. Especially useful for skin that is already cracked and chapped. 

Inflammation relief: This oil’s powers as an anti-inflammatory make it a top ingredient for topical injury ointments. It can also help relief the pain and swelling related to arthritis, osteoporosis, and other disorders that involve swelling. 

Vein treatment: Calendula oil is such a potent anti-inflammatory that it can help to treat varicose and spider veins. 

Fungal infections: Especially on the scalp, skin sores are commonly prey to fungal infections. Calendula’s anti-fungal properties can treat and prevent this stubborn infections. It can also be used for other fungal issues like ringworm and athlete’s foot. 

Scar prevention: Another benefit to would care of Calendula’s is the prevention of scar tissue. When applied early enough, Calendula oil can prevent the formation of scars. It does this by stimulating the skin’s collagen levels, which is another reason to incorporate it into everyday use. 

Interesting Facts About Calendula Oil:

1) It is also called a pot marigold. 

2) The petals are sometimes used as an ingredient in salad. 

3) The flower is native to the Mediterranean. 

Common Calendula Oil FAQs:

Q: I have oily skin. Can I still use Calendula Oil?
A: Yes, even though Calendula Oil is especially effective for dry skin, it is still valuable nourishment for other skin types. It has a number of other benefits besides treating dryness, including would care, collagen production, and scar prevention.

Q: Why is Calendula Oil always combined with other oils?
A: Since the best source of nutrients are contained the flower’s petals, the petals must be infused with another type of oil in order to effectively distil it. In this formula, adding Sunflower oil is appropriate because it is also incredibly moisturizing and healing. Olive oil is also an effective partner, as it is rich in Vitamin E and is great for conditioning hair and treating skin around the eyes.

Q: Are there any other uses for Calendula oil?
A: Some use Calendula oil to treat ear infections. Applied like ear drops, Calendula Oil can help fight infection, inflammation, and relieve pain. Ingesting Calendula oil can treat menstrual symptoms and add antioxidants to the diet—it is believed to help prevent cancer.  As a spasmogenic, it can be used to treat cramps and abdominal pain. It is a type of marigold, the petals of which are sometimes eaten. Calendula Oil can also be used in reflexology, massaged into the feet to aid in liver function.


Certified organic Calendula petals solar-infused in cold-pressed certified organic olive oil and certified organic sunflower oil.

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