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  • Improves mental function.
  • Helps fight depression.
  • Increases memory ability.
  • Regulates emotions and soothes mental irregularities.
  • Stimulates the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain.
  • Contributes to nervous system health.

Mindtrac Formula

Why You Should Use Mindtrac Formula:

The organic ingredients in Mindtrac Formula attacks mental dysfunction on several fronts. It stimulates blood flow to the head, an essential element to mental function, including memory, alertness, and nerve health. It soothes irritants to the nervous system and calms muscle spasms, having a relaxing result that can promote restful sleep. 

Another overlooked factor in mental dysfunction is the health of the rest of the body. Just like a television screen or pollutant can cause a headache, something outside the brain can give it irritation. The powerful yet gentle herbs in Mindtrac formula detoxifies and delivers nutrients to the body, relieving the brain the stress of running a body that doesn't have the proper fuel.

Mindtrac Formula Ingredients:

Skullcap: This anti-spasmodic calms muscles, stimulates cell repair, and increases cognitive abilities. Often given to sufferers of ADD or ADHD for a relaxing effect that helps them sleep. 

Valerian: This calming herb reduces stress and increases focus. 

Oregon Grape Root: This detoxifier helps cleanse the organs, especially the liver, making the brain’s job easier. 

Barley Grass: An antioxidant that supplies essential fatty acids, which promote cell wall repair and brain function. This herb also detoxifies the blood, and boosts the immune system. 

Alfalfa: Known as a powerful brain food, alfalfa has high contents of protein, magnesium, and copper, the latter of which are two minerals essential to brain development. 

Kamut: This special type of grain is rich in protein, magnesium, fiber, manganese, niacin, which support nervous system health. These nutrients also help regulate nerves and hormones. 

St. John’s Wart: Stimulates blood and oxygen flow to the nervous system. This herb is used to treat many brain related disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression. 

Mullein Leaf: Brings balance to the nervous system, treats headaches and helps with sleep problems. 

Lobelia: An anti-depressant and muscle relaxer that works by releasing dopamine. 

Gotu Kola: This herb is used to treat a variety of brain issues, including depression, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, and may even prevent Alzheimer’s. 

Ginkgo Biloba: A natural anti-depressant that enhances memory and concentration. 

Sarsaparilla: This anti-inflammatory is a detoxifier and hormonal regulator. 

Dandelion: A nutritious anti-oxidant packed full of brain food, including magnesium, manganese, niacin, and folic acid. 

Suggested use: For more general use, take two capsules three times daily. For more serious cases, do not exceed 3 bottles in 45 days. 

Why Your Diet Is Leaving Your Brain Hungry:

The modern diet has left the brain out in terms of nutrition. Linus Pauling, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, often stated that people do not get enough nutrients from the standard diet, and that a large nutritional gap lies with the nervous system. There are a few factors here - for one, nutrients specific to brain health has disappeared from our soil, only reachable by deep-rooted plants like alfalfa. The other is that most modern people avoid health foods such as kale and barley grass like the plague. This deprives your brain of essential nutrients, like magnesium and folic acid, for proper function.

Mindtrac Formula FAQs:

Q: Who should consider Mindtrac Formula?
A: Most people are missing essential brain nutrients from their diet, so anyone can benefit from Mindtrac Formula. However, people with ADD and ADHD, memory problems, depression, anxiety and sleep problems may find specific relief in Mindtrac Formula.

Q: How will Mindtrac Formula help me sleep?
A: Mindtrac Formula seeks to achieve an overall healthy balance that calms stress. Muscle relaxers and anti-depressants can also aid in getting to sleep.

Q: What happens when our brain is deficient in nutrients?
A: Poor supply of nutrients in the brain causes poor mental function, including concentration and focus, anxiety, poor mood, and a long range of other health problems.

5 Stars
This is a wonderful product!
I've been carrying Mindrac in the Herb Shop for a year. This is a wonderful product! It''s packed full of herbs for nutrition and calming. It has helped one lady''s hyperactivity, a man with sever temperamental mood swings, and a customer to quit substance addiction. We call this our Herbal Prozac®. Thank you very much for Mindtrac.
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Reviewed by:  from Charlotte Harbor, FL.. on 2/16/2007

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