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Lung and Bronchial Formula

Lung and Bronchial Formula

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  • Soothes respiratory tract irritation and inflammation.
  • Promotes a healthy respiratory system.
  • Clears breathing passages.
  • Stimulates healthy mucous secretion.
  • Clears congestion.
  • Treats a variety of respiratory issues, including bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema.

Lung and Bronchial Formula

Why Should I Use A Lung And Bronchial Formula? 

This herbal remedy will be your secret weapon to fight respiratory infections. Imagine having the weight of congestion and irritation lifted and your airways cleared, naturally. Lung and Bronchial Formula will heal and soothe respiratory inflammation and irritation while clearing your airways of that nasty congestion. 

Lung and Bronchial formula encourages the respiratory system to secrete mucous and help you get over that respiratory problem faster. Instead of using a chemical cold medicine, which can make you feel unwanted drowsiness and does not even treat all respiratory symptoms, try an organic herbal formula that will treat all symptoms and work with your body to adapt to your needs. The formula even includes a mild relaxant that can help you get that much needed rest. 

Formula Ingredients:

These 100% organic ingredients help clear out the respiratory system, fight infection, and sooth respiratory irritation. 

Mullein Leaves: A powerful respiratory tonic that stimulates lymph circulation. It also soothes and reduces inflammation while helping protect from allergens. 

Chickweed: An expectorant, meaning that it helps lubricate the respiratory system. It also reduces congestion and inflammation. 

Marshmallow Root: This ingredient increases immune function to help fight off respiratory infections and contains mucilage, a soothing agent. 

Pleurisy Root: This herb is named for its ability to treat the lungs—a mild tonic that serves as an expectorant and soothes irritation. 

Lobelia: A mucous thinner that can also help respiratory system disorder sufferers go to sleep. 

Suggested use: Take 2 capsules, 3 times daily. For more serious cases, increase dose no more than three bottles in 45 days. 

Ailments Treated:

There are a wide range of ailments to which Lung and Bronchial Formula can provide relief. Respiratory disorders are famously difficult to get rid of, as they seem to typically come back even if it seems that the patient has recovered. This includes simple respiratory problems, such as: 

Common infections and colds: Odds are, you will get the common cold at least once a year. During this time, most people try over the counter cold medicines that make them chemically drowsy and can’t even treat every symptom due to drug interactions—their decongestants are considered too much of a stimulant to combine with drugs of a more “down” effect. However, treating these symptoms naturally, you get the best of both worlds: a respiratory treatment that helps you sleep while reducing congestion. 

Respiratory congestion: Mucous and other congesting fluids often clog the respiratory tract and are difficult to clear. Lung and Bronchial Formula will help thin and clear congestion. 

Cough, including the painful dry cough: Irritating cough and dry cough can be one of the most miserable symptoms of respiratory infections. Coughing makes the diaphragm sore and irritates the throat. And when the throat is dry, that means even more irritation. The expectorants and pain relievers in the Lung and Bronchial Formula can soothe that terrible dry cough. 

Sleep problems due to respiratory irritation: After experiencing all of these tiring symptoms - irritation, cough, congestion - all respiratory sufferers want is a restful night’s sleep. However, the constant coughing, pain, and trouble breathing make this difficult. Lung and Bronchial Formula not only includes ingredients to treat these symptoms but also Lobelia, an herb that helps you relax and sleep. 

And, more complicated respiratory problems that Lung and Bronchial formula can help include: 

- Bronchitis

- Tuberculosis

- Pneumonia 

- Asthma 

- Complications of lung cancer 

- Other chronic respiratory diseases

Common Lung and Bronchial Formula Concerns:

1) I’m worried about making a habit out of using a sleep aid. 

Actually, using lobelia to help you sleep is non-habit forming. You will not become dependent on the herb to fall asleep, so you can stop using it once your respiratory symptoms clear without any problems. Many people who suffer from sleep problems use it alone as a sleep aid without any dependence problems. Lobelia can help you relax enough to fall asleep at a time when you need it the most. 

2) I heard that it’s dangerous to use decongestants and sleep aids together. 

This is because typical over-the-counter chemical decongestants are stimulants in the way that they will keep you awake. While Lung and Bronchial Formula’s stimulants may give a mild energy boost, the stimulating effect is mostly relating to its ability to promote action, such as mucous thinning and airway clearing. This does not counteract dangerously with Lobelia, a natural mild sleep aid, which partly achieves this through soothing and relaxing elements. Natural ingredients are less likely to counteract dangerously, if taken in the correct dosages, and all the ingredients in our Lung and Bronchial Formula are safely used together. 

3) Why would I want my respiratory system lubricated if I’m already so congested? 

There is a difference between an expectorant’s lubrication and congestion. Chickweed reduces congestion but increases healthy, natural lubrication. This is your body’s natural elements that help prevent irritation and painful dryness in your airways. 

5 Stars
Made a huge difference!!
I contracted T.B. at age 15 and now 30 years later, calcification has collapsed my left lung. I take dilation medication and need oxygen to sleep at night. I started Dr. Christopher''s Lung Formula Lung & Bronchial and it immediately started helping. It makes it so much easier to get out the mucus. P.S. It is also helping my brother-in-law who has emphysema.
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Reviewed by:  from San Antonio, TX. on 2/18/2007

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