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Lower Bowel Formula

Lower Bowel Formula

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  • A gentle, long-term use laxative that is non-addictive.
  • Strengthens the colon, unlike other laxatives.
  • Helps eliminate polyps.
  • Cleanses and restores the digestive system.
  • Naturally treats constipation, cramping, and excess gas.
  • Safe for treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other ailments.

Lower Bowel Formula

What Does The Lower Bowel Formula Do?

Our natural laxative effectively treats constipation and a number of other problems gently, without the risk of becoming reliant on the formula long-term. This is because the formula not only acts as a laxative but treats the sources of constipation, actually making your colon stronger and healthier in the process, unlike other laxatives that weaken the colon and lead to reliance. 

This happens by cleansing the bowel of accumulated waste, mainly dried fecal matter, which leads to bowel inefficiency. Food cannot properly be absorbed, as the accumulated waste covers up more and more of the colon walls, which are essential to absorption. Lower bowel formula promotes a contraction and relaxation of the colon walls that will remove this waste and lead to healthier bowel movements and food absorption. As a result, you will feel lighter, energized, and will need to eat less food to feel full. 100 vegicaps

Formula Ingredients:

Barberry Bark: This diuretic aids digestion and eases stomach pain as a natural anti-inflammatory. It will also help kill harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. 

Cascara Sagrada Bark: A gentle natural laxative that also soothes inflammation. 

Cayenne: A potent stimulant that increases the absorption of the colon, which prevents blockage, eases the pain of cramps, minimizes gas, and strengthens the digestive tissue. 

Ginger: A stimulant that speeds up digestion by increasing the frequency of digestive muscle contractions. Will also soothe stomach pain, bloating, and gas. 

Lobelia Herb and/or Seeds: This herb increases appetite, fights gas, and improves the digestive process. Also a stress reducer. 

Red Raspberry Leaves: Soothes discomfort of the digestive tract.

Turkey Rhubarb Root: This herb stimulates digestive juices and promotes stomach activity. 

Fennel: This plant promotes the elimination of waste and contains anethole, a compound that soothes the digestive tract and acts as a carminative, which relieves gas and bloat. 

Golden Seal Root: Stimulates appetite and digestion while soothing irritated mucous membranes.

Tips On Using Lower Bowel Formula:

- You will have to change your dosage depending on how your body reacts. A good starting place is two capsules and work your way from there. A tough case could require 40 capsules in one day. 

- You should remember that fecal matter and other accumulated waste has been stuck in your digestive system for a long time, and so it may take a while. After 6-9 months, the colon should be clean and healthy enough to be able to work on its own again. 

- Once this time has passed and the Lower Bowel Formula has done its job, you can just use the formula as needed

- You can use the Lower Bowel Formula after using our Quick Colon Formulas. The Quick Colon Formulas are not meant to be used as long as the Lower Bowel Formula, so if you want to use them together, use the Lower Bowel Formula last. 

- Eating healthy is always important, but especially when using the Lower Bowel Formula, as digestion of unhealthy foods can stall your progress.

Lower Bowel Formula FAQs:

Q: Why are regular bowel movements important? 
A: Regular bowel movements are essential to digestive health because it cleanses the body of waste. Without regular bowel movements, this waste accumulates and causes problems such as constipation, gas, bloating, ineffective absorption of food, and decreased energy.

Q: How am I supposed to know how much Lower Bowel Formula to take?
A: As stated in the suggested use guidelines, you should start with two and adjust based on how your body reacts. If your stool is still too solid, use more.

Q: I’ve been using the Lower Bowel Formula for months and my symptoms have decreased, but I still feel constipated. Is it working correctly?
A: Yes. Old fecal matter has been stuck to your colon for years, and so it won’t come off immediately. After nine months, the majority of this fecal matter should be removed.

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