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Kidney Bladder Cleanse

Kidney Bladder Cleanse

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  • A seven day total-care cleanse.
  • Removes harmful toxins from kidney and bladder.
  • Helps kidney stones pass faster and smaller.
  • Protects kidney capillaries.
  • Heals kidney and bladder damage.
  • Supports the immune system.

Kidney Bladder Cleanse

Why Use The Kidney Bladder Cleanse? 

This combination of potent herbal formulas cleanses the kidney and bladder of harmful toxins, including pollutants, drug residues, poisons, heavy metals, and more. Users will find a reduction in kidney pain, inflammation, and urinary tract infections, which it treats as well as prevents. This formula helps flush out kidney stones with less pain, as it dissolves the stone to pass easier. The cleanse will also heal the kidney and bladder of damage and promote regeneration.

The Four Elements In This Cleanse Package Includes:

Kidney Bladder Formula: Cleanses and repairs the kidneys so that they can return to normal function and dissolves kidney stones. This will also treat urinary tract infections. 

Bloodstream Formula: A blood detoxifier that lightens the kidney’s workload, allowing it energy to heal. 

Hot Cayenne Extract: A powerful blood detoxifier that “shocks” the bloodstream to increase circulation. 

Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula: Removes harmful heavy metals from the body, helping the kidney return to normal function.

Kidney & Bladder Functions:

Kidneys are the body’s natural blood filters and also manage water retention. Kidneys are so essential that when they do not work properly for a long period of time, a person must undergo dialysis to cleanse the blood. The bladder serves to store urine and communicate when the body needs to expel waste.

The Dangers Of Kidney And Bladder Buildup:

When the kidney and bladder suffers from toxic buildup, the whole body suffers. They cannot filter blood properly and harmful toxins remain in the body as a result. As kidney and bladder function affect one another, when the bladder is inefficient, it not only has trouble removing waste from its storage, but that waste is more toxic, causing inflammation and pain. 

Retaining toxic waste, which includes cancerous heavy metals and other poisonous materials, causes the waste to come into contact with your body longer. This can not only have dangerous long term effects but can cause pain, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, painful urination, painful intercourse, fatigued, decreased brain function, and a “weighed down” feeling. If this toxic buildup is left for too long, these effects will be visible on the outside, making a person look paler and less lively.

Kidney & Bladder Cleanse FAQs:

Q: Who should consider a Kidney Bladder Cleanse?
A: Anyone who has harmful buildup in their kidney and bladder. So, everyone. Removing toxic waste from your body is essential to overall health. There are some kidney and bladder conditions, however, that could especially benefit from a Kidney Bladder cleanse, including: those who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, those with kidney related disorders such as high blood pressure, kidney stones, diabetes, and fibromyalgia.

Q: What are the benefits of a Kidney Bladder Cleanse?
A: This cleanse will leave you feeling lighter and healthier after removing toxic buildup that could have remained in your body for quite some time. It will improve the flow of urine, relieve pain, improve urinary function, treat inflammation, decrease blood pressure, prevent infection, plus other benefits.

Q: What conditions does a Kidney Bladder Cleanse prevent?
A: The cleanse prevents urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney diseases, heart disease, and a number of other diseases. Kidney Bladder Cleanse contributes to overall health, and a healthy system means prevention of cancer and other diseases: removing accumulated waste, heavy metals, and other carcinogens prevents them from having a cancerous effect.

5 Stars
No more kidney stones. No more pain.
Kidney stones are the worst thing I've ever experienced. Just awful. I did a lot of research and decided to give your program a try. I was at the end of my rope. Well, after a few days I felt a lot better, but by the end of the week, the pain was completely gone. It hasn't come back either. What a difference!! Anyway, I just had to let you know that your program really does work and strongly recommend it.
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Reviewed by:  from St. Clair, MN. on 4/12/2007

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