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  Hot Cayenne Extract

Hot Cayenne Extract


  • At 200,000 heat units, the most potent cayenne extract on the market.

  • Stimulates blood flow.

  • Removes blockage, helping to deliver nutrients throughout the body.

  • Strengthens the heart—helps control blood pressure and improves circulation.

  • High in vitamin C.

  • Treats inflammation.

  • Prevents stomach ulcers and raises metabolism.

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Hot Cayenne Extract

What Does Hot Cayenne Extract Do?



Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne Extract condenses the power of cayenne pepper - a jump-start to your blood flow, removing blockage and thus helping blood deliver nutrients throughout your body. Infection and disease occur when the body can’t a source of need, but hot cayenne extract increases circulation and removes waste that prevents movement, helping to deliver nourishment and carrying toxins out of the body.

Cayenne pepper extract revitalizes the body, nourishing sore muscles and increasing heart strength. It can also be used to relieve pain, soothe stiff joints, prevent infection, and boost metabolism. The hot intensity of cayenne shocks the body in a good way, affecting the circulatory, digestive, and immune system.

How To Take Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne Extract:




It is suggested that you don’t take Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne Extract alone. Take with food or drink or add to an ointment for topical affects. If you have a hard time with cayenne extract’s heat, you can try to add it to your diet gradually.

Suggested preparations of Dr. Christopher’s Cayenne Extract:

- Add to lemon water

- Omelets and other egg meals

- Add to fish, lobsters, fish, or other seafood

- Add to soup

- Use as salt or other flavoring alternative

- Bring unexpected and pleasant spice to hot chocolate

- Add to marinades

- Put in dips such as guacamole, salsa, or hummus

- Stir into cream ointment



Capsaicin: Nature’s Secret Weapon



An antioxidant, capsaicin is a common element of chili peppers and the secret ingredient in cayenne pepper. It is the cause of the burning feeling on your tongue or skin when using hot cayenne extract. This component releases endorphins, a natural method of pain relief, and is often used to relieve joint and muscle pain.

Its ingested effects regulate blood sugar, jumpstart circulation, improve digestion, kill harmful bacteria, and are believed to treat prostrate and lung cancer. It also may treat diarrhea, prevent heart disease, and thin mucous. This antioxidant will leave you will be left feeling energized and refreshed.


Cayenne Pepper Extract FAQs


Q: How hot is Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne Pepper Extract? I don’t usually do well with spicy food.
A:“Hotness” is measured with heat units. A tabasco pepper’s heat index ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 units while pepper spray ranges from 1,500,000 to 2,000,000. Dr. Christopher’s heat unit measurement is 200,000—enough to shock your body in a good way, creating a stimulated effect. Yes, this extract is hot, but should not be ingested in large amounts at once. Mix it into food, drink, or lotion. Start out small and work your way up.

Q: Who should use Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne Pepper Extract?
A:While anyone can benefit from its health effects, those suffering from infection, muscle and joint pain, chronic illness, high blood pressure, poor digestion and metabolism, and other conditions relating to the digestive, immune, and circulatory system can benefit from cayenne pepper extract.

Q: I heard cayenne pepper can help me lose weight. Is this true?
A:Yes! A main ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, can help improve metabolism and decrease appetite. It does this by increasing heart rate and body temperature. Capsaicin is believed to improve metabolism by 25%.

Q: When I add Hot Cayenne Extract to my cream lotion, it feels like it increases pain. Why is this?
A:The stimulating effects of Dr. Christopher’s Hot Cayenne Extract will at first make it feel like pain or soreness increases, but this is just the “jump start” feeling before pain starts to decrease. Do not worry, for this is only a minor and temporary increase.



Ingredients: Organic and wild crafted Habanero Pepper (200,000 H.U.) in a base of pure grain alcohol (1 fl. oz.)

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