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Hormonal Changease

Hormonal Changease

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  • Regulates hormonal imbalances.
  • Can be used by both males and females.
  • 100% herbal and organic formula.
  • Great for pregnant women, menstrual problems, and menopause.
  • Contains phytosterols, which help the natural production and regulation of hormones.

Hormonal Changease

Why Use Hormonal Changease?

People of all sexes and ages have a need to correct hormone imbalance, and this formula works with the body’s endocrine system to produce and regulate hormones. Phytosterols, a compound similar to cholesterol in plants, provide the building blocks of hormones, allowing the endocrine system to use these materials to efficiently produce hormones and regulate them. 

In fact, this formula contains many natural, organic foods that allow your body to put to good use wherever they’re most needed, meaning that the endocrine system will have an abundance of materials to use what is needed. This formula restores the health of organs and tissues so that they can get back to making the hormones that they need on their own. 100 vegicaps.

Hormonal Changease Ingredients:

Black Cohosh Root: A soothing anti-inflammatory with a hormone similar to estrogen, but is not an exact substitute for estrogen. Rather, it affects different parts of the body as needed. It also affects people at different stages of life differently, so, for example, black cohosh root would nourish a young male differently than and older female.

Sarsaparilla Root: Contains many plant hormones, including saponins, which can mimic the effect of other hormones. Your body takes these hormones and makes just what it needs. 

American Ginseng Root: The ingredients of this herb take pressure off of the adrenal cortex, which produces hormones in response to our stress. The elements in American ginseng root mimic those hormones, meaning we still have the hormones we need in overly-stressful situations. 

Licorice Root: An anti-inflammatory that combats aging and cancer, re-balancing your natural hormones in order to achieve this. 

False Unicorn Root: This root’s balancing effects focus on reproductive hormones. 

Blessed Thistle Herb: A memory booster that increases circulation, prevents disease, regenerates cells, and particularly helps regulate female hormones. 

Squawvine Herb: Helps restore hormonal balance and increases fertility. 

Suggested use: Consume 2 pills, 3 times daily. More serious cases should up the dosage, but do not take more than 3 bottles in 45 days. 

Who Should Use Hormonal Changease?

Anyone can benefit from the nutritional value of Hormonal Changease, but it would be particularly helpful for these individuals: 

- Endocrine system problems. Your body will use the hormonal balancing properties to send nutrients to a troubled area. This can include a malfunctioning gland, an infection, and adrenal insufficiency. 

- Hormonal imbalance related to puberty. Regardless of sex or age, if there’s an imbalance, Hormonal Changease will help return things to normal. Puberty often results in imbalances as the youth’s body figures out what works well for his or her body chemistry. 

- Menstrual problems. Often, irregular or heavy periods are caused by a hormonal imbalance.

- Infertility. Like menstrual problems and other issues related to reproduction, if there’s a problem, it might be imbalanced hormones. 

- Breast-feeders. A mother’s body loses nutrients, including progesterone, while breastfeeding and needs to restore them before she can produce milk again. 

- Menopause. Uncomfortable hot flashes, irritability—symptoms of menopause are the result of the body’s inefficiency at making certain hormones.

Hormonal Changease FAQs:

Q: If I’m an adult male, can I take a supplement with an ingredient for the female reproductive system without any harmful effects?
A: Yes, the hormones will not affect you the same way it would affect women. Your body would take what it can use and apply it towards a male’s hormonal balance.

Q: If my hormones are balanced, can my body still benefit from Hormonal Changease?
A: Yes, even a healthy adrenal cortex becomes stressed at times, and supplying your body with the raw material to make up for that stress can prevent future imbalances.

5 Stars
Decrease Nerves, Eases Menopause and No Hot Flashes...
I had been very, very nervous and that''s the first thing I noticed, that my nerves calmed down. My disposition improved considerably . I had more strength and more energy, the periods were regulated and the flow decreased. I did not have hot flashes as many women do... After a couple of years of taking the Hormonal Changease Formula, my periods have completely stopped and I have not had any really traumatic problems as many women do when they go through the change. I am very grateful.
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Reviewed by:  from Boulder, CO. on 2/16/2007

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