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Heavy Metal Detox Formula

Heavy Metal Detox Formula

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  • Promotes the removal of harmful heavy metals from the brain.
  • Detoxifies the body of harmful heavy metals.
  • Also removes drug residues and dangerous toxins.
  • Can be used safely with our other detoxifying products.
  • Cleanses the body of pollutants.

Heavy Metal Detox Formula

Why Use Heavy Metal Detox Formula?

We are constantly exposed to environmental pollutants, whether it is from our food, air, water, products, job, or any other part of the world around us. Heavy Metal Detox Formula helps the body release heavy metals that our body has trouble metabolizing and improving the resultant damaged nervous system and cellular function. 

When our body doesn't rid of heavy metals properly, they accumulate and have detrimental effects that include decreased energy and mental function, degenerative diseases, decreased organ function, and other problems. Heavy Metal Detox Formula cleanses the body of these harmful elements and helps the brain get healthy again. 100 vegicaps.

Formula Ingredients:

Bugleweed Herb: Supports thyroid health and draws out harmful heavy metals

Yellow Dock Root: Blood purifier and overall detoxifier

Cilantro Leaf: Used to detoxify heavy metals and soothes inflammation 

Lobelia Herb: Relaxes the organs and muscles while it draws out toxic elements

Suggested use: Take three pills, twice daily. Extreme cases can use up to three bottles over 45 days.

How Do Heavy Metals Affect Us?

Heavy metals disrupt function on a cellular level. They lead to brain dysfunction and ineffective communication in the nervous system. Part of the problem is that heavy metals are found in many common sources, including dental fillings, fish, deodorants, and vaccinations. 

Examples of harmful heavy metals:

Mercury: This metal has been blamed for a wide range of neurological issues, especially in children. Often found in fish, a common source of heavy metals due to the heavy metal toxicity of water. 

Nickel: Nickel has been linked to auto-immune disorders and animal experiments showed a rise in mortality rates. 

Aluminum: This heavy metal can be linked to degenerative diseases such as dementia and other brain diseases. 

Lead: Lead is detrimental to the nervous system in the blood-brain-barrier, meaning functions like judgment and appropriate response are dysfunctional. Suspected to cause mental retardation and other mental problems in children. One of the most easily ingested—led is often ingested in water or fish or inhaled through polluted air. 

Cadmium: This chemical, commonly found in smokers, is utilized for its ability to resist corrosion but has turned out to be corrosive to your bones, lungs, kidneys, and is believed to cause cancer. Often found in industrial sites. 

Heavy Metals Facts:

- Heavy metals can be spread to the people around you through contact. 

- The primary source of lead exposure is water and paint. 

- Workers exposed to Beryllium are 2-10% more likely to contract lung and skin disease. 

Symptoms of initial exposure to heavy metals:

The symptoms of most initial heavy metal exposures include memory loss, decreased concentration, social introversion, mental fatigue, headaches, anxiety and anger. The condition progresses with physical exhaustion, muscle spasms, dizziness, ataxia, bleeding gums, and respiratory problems.

Heavy Metal Detox Formula FAQs:

Q: I didn’t realize how many heavy metals were in my environment. Are there any other sources?
A: Other sources include building materials, fires, contact with other humans, agriculture, chemical spills, landfills, and thousands of other sources.

Q: How does Heavy Metal Detox Formula get those awful elements out of my body?
A: Heavy Metal Detox Formula contains natural, safe ingredients that draw harmful toxins out of the brain and organs and into tissues that are able to dispose of it properly.

Q: What are the long-term effects of heavy metal exposure?
A: Long term exposure can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, degenerative disease, and permanent brain damage.

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Saw great results.
This formula works well for detoxing heavy metals. I had been eating a lot of sushi and was experiencing some symptoms of mercury poisoning. After taking this formula, I felt much better. Since then, I have cleaned up my diet and I feel fantastic now.
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Reviewed by:  from Reno, NV. on 2/7/2008

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