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FREE Colon Cleanse Antiparasite Instructions and 7 Day Detox Diet

FREE Colon Cleanse Antiparasite Instructions and 7 Day Detox Diet

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Colon Cleanse Antiparasite Instructions and 7 Day Detox Diet.

7 Day Colon Cleanse/AntiParasite Diet and Instructions


Below you’ll find instructions and a diet plan for the 7 Day Colon Cleanse/AntiParasite formula. Try and stick with the plan, but don’t over exert yourself. Before you start, make sure your bowel movements are regular. This means one to three movements a day. Achieve this by using Quick Colon Formula #1. Then, begin cleanse. 

How To Use The Supplements:

Quick Colon Formula #1: 

Day 1: Take one vegicap during or directly after dinner, as this herb works best with food in the stomach. 

Day 2: By now, you should have an increase in bowel movement and an increase in expelled fecal matter and its softness. If not, take two capsules with or right after dinner. Keep taking one more until you do see a difference. Remember, you’ve been accumulating buildup for years, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while. 

The next morning: You’re at the right dosage when you see an increase in bowel movement, amount of fecal matter, and softness. This is the point when you are ready to take the cleanse. However, once you start the cleanse, you might have to up the amount again since Quick Colon Formula #2 may make you constipated. 

Warning: If your bowel movements are already regular, you suffer from diarrhea or incontinence, only use Quick Colon Formula #2. 

Quick Colon Formula #2: 

Put 1 big teaspoon of the powder into 8 oz. of water or organic juice. Refill glass and drink. If you don’t like the taste, but don’t want to drink juice, you can dilute water with a little bit of juice. 

Blood Stream Formula: Take 2 vegicaps, twice daily. Don’t eat 30 minutes before or after, as this supplement works best without food in the stomach. Keep supplement refrigerated. 

Anti-Parasite Formula: Take 1 tsp., three times daily. Don’t eat 30 minutes before or after, as it works best without food in stomach. Refrigerate formula. 


8 am: Take Quick Colon Formula #2

9 am: Take Anti-Parasite Formula

10 am: Take Blood Stream Formula

11 am: Take Quick Colon Formula #2

12 pm: Lunchtime! Try the vegetable soup below or use a recipe from our detox diet plan. 

2 pm: Take Anti-Parasite Formula

3 pm: Take Blood Stream Formula

4 pm: Take Quick Colon Formula #2

6 pm: Dinner. Take Quick Colon Formula #1. Try the vegetable soup or another recipe from our detox diet plan. 

7 pm: Take Anti-Parasite Formula

8 pm: Take Blood Stream Formula

9 pm: Take Quick Colon Formula #2

Make sure to get plenty of sleep. 

Cleanse Diet:

Something like vegetable soup is suggested. Eat high nutrient foods that provide lots of energy. You will need energy to focus on detoxification rather than the unpleasant aspects of digestive cleanses. An ideal diet contains food high in nutrients, healthy organic juice, and herbal tea.

Vegetable Soup Recipe:

This soup nourishes the entire digestive tract and relieves digestive pain. 

In large pot, take 3-6 inches of diced or grated skinless ginger root. Then add one chopped onion, celery, squash, carrots, seaweed, and any other greens you would like. Put clean water in pot, completely covering the vegetables. Then add 3 to 4 diced garlic cloves—let air for five minutes after dicing before adding to pot. Make this soup as soon as constipation disappears. 

What To Eat After Cleansing:

The next morning, eat a small breakfast. We suggest fruit. For lunch, have veggies or salad. Dinner time is far enough in the day to where your body will be ready to eat cooked food. Stick with something low on salt and fight, and high in nutrients and vegetables. This is the best way to continue to fight and prevent disease. See the diet plan for more recipe ideas. 

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