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  Derma Wand

Derma Wand


  • Utilizes thermal energy for tissue warming .

  • Sends out 114,00 impulses per second.

  • Improves complexion.

  • Reduces eye puffiness.

  • Uses enriched oxygen to improve look of skin.

  • Tightens skin.

  • Minimizes pores.

  • Massages skin.

  • Decreases under-eye bags.

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Derma Wand

derma wand
Thermal Oxygenating Skin Care System
derma wand

Why Use The Derma Wand? 

This skincare tool energizes the skin through thermal energy, sending out 114,000 skin-smoothing impulses through thermal energy. Oxygenates skin to make it firmer, reduces lines and puffiness, and makes skin look young and healthy. Users will also see a decrease in redness and wrinkles. 

The Derma Wand uses the same technology that cost thousands of dollars at a professional skin care clinic. It will contour the look of the skin around your face, purify, and smooth your skin. Instantly, users will notice a difference in tightness, texture, and lift.

What Problems Does The Derma Wand treat?

Under-Eye Bags: The rejuvenating effect of the Derma Wand will make you look well-rested and reduce congestion that causes eye puffiness. 

Dull Complexion: The Derma Wandís thermal oxygenation purifies the skin and contributes to overall skin health, which will liven up your complexion. 

Skin Sagging: Saggy skin responds to Derma Wandís tissue warming and thermal energy by tightening and lifting immediately after use. 

Poor Texture: The Derma Wandís skin contouring features will revitalize skinís texture, making it smooth, soft and healthy. 

Wrinkles: Wrinkles, including lines and skin folds, respond to thermal energy by smoothing out and tightening, reducing their appearance. Even minimizes lip wrinkles. 

Large Pores: Thermal warming sent out through the Derma Wandís impulses will minimize the look of pores.

What Your Skin Costs You:

Facelift: $11,500

Many women each year undergo a facelift to tighten their skin and minimize the look of wrinkles. However, they pay over TEN THOUSAND dollars for affects that can be achieved with the Derma Wand. The Derma Wand rejuvenates skin, eliminating wrinkles and other signs of old age. 

Radio Frequency machine: $500-$3,000+

This expensive machine is what some skin-care specialists utilize for skin rejuvenation, and in fact is a more complex, but not more effective, version of the Derma Wand. Many women buy the machine for convenient use at home, but this can be expensive and bulky. The Derma Wand is less expensive and easier to store and carry. 

Yearly Makeup Cost: $100-$500+

It is hard to say what the average woman spends on makeup per year since there really is no ďaverageĒ woman. However, regardless of how much makeup you use, you will need to use less even after the first use of the Derma Wand. 

Botox (per procedure): $300-$800+

A common skin procedure to reduce the look of wrinkles, Botox is not only more expensive than the Derma Wand, but is often painful, uncomfortable, and produces unwanted side effects. The Derma Wand makes skin not only look but feel great.

Derma Wand FAQs:

Q: How does enriched oxygen affect my skin?
A: Your skin needs oxygen just like your lungs do. Lack of oxygen is what often causes wrinkles and fine linesóthatís why so many women take advantage of expensive oxygen facials. The Derma Wand sends oxygen right to your skin, reducing and preventing wrinkles while purifying the skinís surface.

Q: How does the thermal energy work for my skin?
A: This energy stimulates cells, increasing cell metabolism to make skin look more youthful and more effective in detoxification.

Q: What are the other benefits of the Derma Wand?
A: Donít forget the relaxation factor! The Derma Wand gives your skin a massage as it delivers nutrients. It feels like many smaller massagers relaxing the skin at once. This will reduce stress and remove the need for worry lines in the first place!

* DISCLAIMER: Derma Wand makes no claims to diagnose, mitigate, treat or correct specific skin disorders or diseases. Derma Wand is for relaxation or cosmetic use only.


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 Customer Reviews
Reviewed by: Beth Ann Bartowe from Cleveland, OH.
I have been using the derma wand for years - but got a little lazy in my beauty routines. I started using the derma wand again and my skin looks the best it has in years. I have been using it faithfullly for 6 months and I will never stop using it again. I love it!
I am 62 and my skin is responding well to the treatments.  
Reviewed by: Linda from Bayonne, New Jersey from Bayonne, New Jersey.
I recommend DermaWand highly. I notice a tightening effect of the overall look of my skin. fine lines have diminished somewhat and the nasio-labial lines. I think it is a great product because it is quick and easy.
Better than ever!  
Reviewed by: Nat from Minneapolis, MN.
I used to suffer from severe acne and a year ago I started going to a cosmetologist who successfully extracted all the black and white heads from my skin. But a month later I had an array of the new tiny white heads all over my face! Since I started using the skin care tool- there are NONE. And during my last visit, my cosmetologist had nothing to extract. My skin color is more vibrant, healthy, skin is smooth. HOWEVER... it is VERY important that you do it every morning and every night!
It made a real difference in the way my face looked!  
Reviewed by: Charlotte from Groveland, FL.
Not only COULD I recommend it to my friends, I have. I belong to a group at eDiets.com and they have heard me over and over again refer to the skin care tool, and they've asked me about it. I have an aunt who had a stroke years ago, and an electric current machine was used on her to raise the side of her face that had fallen down from the stroke. When she told me about that, I felt sure the skin care tool would have some effect on my sagging facial muscles. I believe it does.
Tremendous Results!  
Reviewed by: Stephanie from Andover, NJ.
I have had experience with the skin care tool while getting salon facials. It has had a tremendous effect on my adult acne; results I have not gotten with any other product. Believe me, I have tried them all! I am thrilled with it, I just hope that it lasts a long time. I would certainly recommend the skin care tool to anyone who suffers from breakouts as I do. My skin is clear again and I am thrilled about that.
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