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Complete Tissue and Bone Formula

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula

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  • A regenerative, 100% organic herbal formula.
  • Stimulates the growth of healthy skin.
  • Promotes healthy connective tissue.
  • Increases bone, teeth, and gum health.
  • Helps heal broken bones and joint disorders.
  • Le ails.

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula

Why Use Complete Tissue And Bone Formula?

This formula is the ultimate healer and soother of bone and joint problems. It can regenerate tissue and promote healthy tissue growth. This includes the healing of broken bones, difficult-to-heal wounds, torn connective tissue from an injury, and the regrowth of hair and nails. 

These natural ingredients can help those suffering from bone and join problems such as scoliosis, polio and post-polio, and multiple sclerosis. This remedy will treat deep and painful inflammation, bringing soothing, cooling relief to joints and tissue. 100 vegicaps.

Formula Ingredients:

These all natural and organic ingredients contribute to tissue and bone health from all aspects, from delivering nutrients to healing wounds and treating inflammation. 

Oak Bark: An astringent and antiseptic that helps heal wounds, containing the healing ingredient tannin

Marshmallow Root: A soothing anti-inflammatory cleanser that boosts the immune system. 

Mullein Leaves: A potent all-around healer that boosts the respiratory, immune, nervous, skeletal, and lymphatic systems. 

Black Walnut Leaves: This blood purifier treats cell damage, boosts the immune system, and is rich in powerful nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids and sterol. 

Gravel Root: A diuretic that helps treat inflammatory diseases and urinary problems. 

Wormwood Herb: An anti-parasitic that contributes to liver and gallbladder function. 

Lobelia Herb: An anti-depressant and muscle relaxer with cleansing powers, especially concerning the respiratory system  

Skullcap Herb: This anti-sporadic stimulates cell repair and cognitive function. 

Lungwort Herb: An anti-inflammatory that helps heal tissue.

Slippery Elm Bark: A potent soother that contains calcium, iron, and other important nutrients. 

Aloe Vera: Thispowerful healer promotes cell growth and reduces inflammation.

Ailments Treated:

Sufferers of the following ailments will find relief with Complete Tissue and Bone Formula:

- An open wound or sore

- A joint injury, such as a sprained ankle

- A joint disorder, such as arthritis

- Disorders of the tissue, such as muscular dystrophy

- A cartilage injury from sports or just wear-and-tear

- Anyone looking to improve tissue and joint health

- Hair growth

- Infections surrounding toenails, a removed ingrown toenail

- Gum disorders

Tissue And Joint Facts:

1) Many people who fully recover from polio end up with post-polio when they are older, which is characterized by weak joints and muscles with a sensitivity to the cold. 

2) There are between 200 and 400 joints in the human body. At one point or another throughout history, an exact number has been pinpointed, but then more or less joints are discovered or disputed. Example: the last couple of decades have revealed more joints in the ear than previously thought. This is why joint disorders are so debilitating to the sufferer’s ability to move. 

3) Bones and blood are both technically connective tissue. 

Complete Tissue and Bone Formula FAQs:

Q: How can the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula help my sprained joint?
A: This formula is packed with nutrients needed for healing and herbs that sooth and regenerate growth.

Q: Can this formula prevent any bone or joint problems?
A: Yes, the specific combination of ingredients will help prevent the formation of disorders such as arthritis and gum disease.

Q: I’m suffering from hair loss. Can the Complete Tissue and Bone Formula help?
A: Yes, these restorative ingredients not only stimulate growth but help increase circulation, which promotes new growth and continued hair health. It will keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, and youthful along with treating hair thinning.

5 Stars
This product has given me my life back again.
I am a 46 yr old menopausal woman who had begun to get severe pain in my fingers. So bad that I was becoming rippled. I had taken calcium/mag carbonate many years. I tried the Complete Tissue & Bone formula. By the 2nd bottle I was able to get some movement. I am now on my 5th bottle and have no pain can use my fingers again. I can sew button my shirt do all my chores and am pain free.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from Portland, OR. on 2/16/2007

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