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Blood Stream Formula

Blood Stream Formula

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  • Cleanses the bloodstream naturally.
  • Removes cholesterol and toxins.
  • Eliminates dangerous parasites and infections.
  • Contributes to overall strength and health of the bloodstream, veins, and arteries.
  • Safe for use with our other cleansing products.

Blood Stream Formula

Why Use Our Blood Stream Detox Formula?

The cardiovascular system is an essential part of our biology, and so keeping the bloodstream, veins, and arteries healthy is important. When the bloodstream is healthy, it delivers nutrients and removes waste. By cleansing and purifying the bloodstream, you are keeping this literal lifeblood working efficiently. Blood is responsible for carrying all the necessary nutrients and oxygen to sustain life. Simply put, without blood we cannot continue living. 

Ingredient Spotlight:

Our Blood Stream Detox Formula works by using a combination of herbs that contain regenerative elements, astringents, antimicrobials, and elasticity improvers: 

Red Clover Bottoms: This blood-purifying herb helps regulate hemoglobin levels, aids in the production of mucous and urine, and improves blood platelet count and size. It leads to an improvement in circulation and the secretion of bile. 

Chaparral: A desert herb, this is an anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and cancer preventer that contains the potent antioxidant, Nordihydroguaiaretic acid, which is known to reduce cell damage.

Licorice Root: With effects similar to aspirin, this anti-inflammatory prevents blood cell infection and lowers cholesterol, helping to prevent heart disease. 

Poke Root: An herb that detoxifies the bloodstream, boosts the immune system and is believed to help treat and prevent cancer. 

Stillingia: A blood detoxifier that treats inflammation and contributes to overall biological strength and health. 

Burdock Root: This herb’s diuretic elements help purify the blood and contain phytosterols, which lower blood pressure. Burdock Root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and is also used to help treat and prevent cancer. Also promotes skin and joint health. 

Prickly Ash Bark: Purifies the blood, gives a natural energy boost, and improves circulation—known as a vasodilator, meaning it will help open up blood vessels.   

Cascara Sagrada: A detoxifying compound, referred to as the “Sacred Bark,” treats inflammation, lowers cholesterol and is also used as a mild over-the-counter laxative. 

Peach Bark: This compound stimulates blood flow, preventing blood stasis. Also used to treat digestive problems and is a natural diuretic. 

Oregon Grape Root: An astringent and anti-inflammatory herb that cleanses the blood. It helps treat and prevent infection and is gaining notoriety among the scientific community for its possible anti-cancer capabilities. 

Buckthorn Bark: Helps stimulate circulation and detoxifies the blood. Buckthorn bark is commonly used to treat constipation, and contains anthraquinone, which is believed to have anti-cancer properties. 

Sarsaparilla: Counteracts with and removes toxins from the blood. Also known to be an energy and strength booster. 

How To Use Blood Detox Formula:

It is suggested to take a dose of two pills with three doses daily. However, more serious ailments may require use of up to three bottles in a 45-day period.

Why is blood detoxifying important? 

Blood cleansing removes toxins and other harmful elements from the bloodstream and improves circulation. Your organs, such as the liver, do a pretty good job at removing these toxins from your body, but these impurities will store up in the organ, making it less effective. When toxins build up in the body, it gives you a “heavy” and fatigued feeling. Detoxification helps treat this and make the immune system more effective, which prevents short term illnesses such as colds and more serious problems, such as cancer. Detoxification can improve brain function and will help you sleep better. 

Detoxifying the blood also improves circulation, which helps move oxygen throughout the body and improves cell health. Good circulation leads to overall health, promoting skin health, a sense of well-being, and an increased ability to focus. 

Health Facts:

Users of prickly ash bark report a pleasant “warm flush” throughout their body, which is the result of the herb’s natural stimulant properties. 

Nordihydroguaiaretic acid’s ability to prevent cell damage is named is the reason for the chaparral bush’s long life - some plants are believed to be over 500 years old. 

Bark has been used medicinally for centuries and contains many elements used in modern drugs, including salicylate, a natural ingredient in aspirin. Many people lost in the wild have survived by eating bark and slippery elm bark. 

Parasites can actually live and spread through your body in your bloodstream. Blood detoxification can remove harmful parasites from your body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What conditions can Blood Stream Detox Formula help treat?
A: Other than fatigue and poor circulation, blood detoxification can help treat kidney conditions, heart problems such as high cholesterol, heavy metal poisoning, circulatory problems as a result of diabetes,  joint problems, and many more blood-related ailments. Purified blood leads to overall good health and can prevent many conditions in the first place.

Q: How do toxins get into my blood in the first place?
A: Our modern world has increased the amount of toxic elements around us. Improper kidney and liver function can result in ineffective blood detoxifying, but even healthy organs may not remove toxins that you could have absorbed from elements such as the air, food, clothing, or drugs.

Q: Why can’t I just use a general cleanse for blood detoxification?
A: While those cleanses can be effective, they do not target the bloodstream in the same way. You can use Blood Detox Formula in conjunction with our other detoxifiers, working together for overall health. 

More Facts About Blood

Blood is considered a connective tissue and is made up of plasma, blood cells and platelets. Erythrocytes are known as red blood cells and leukocytes are known as white blood cells. Both of these types of cells serve a vital purpose. In one drop of blood there are millions of red blood cells. The red comes from the hemoglobin which contains iron and makes it a great vehicle for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Our body is continually making new blood to replace the old red blood cells. White blood cells are part of our immunity against infectious disease and other foreign intruders. If the white blood cell count is high in our body, it could mean that our body is fighting off a disease. It is important to provide our body with nutrients that will help our body continue producing healthy blood cells and promote a healthy immune system.

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