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Blood Circulation Formula

Blood Circulation Formula

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  • Stimulates circulation.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • Blood Pressure Regulator.
  • Recover from wounds and injuries faster.
  • Strengthens veins and arteries.
  • Safe for use with our other detoxifiers.
  • 100 vegicaps.

Blood Circulation Formula

Why Should You Use The Blood Circulation Formula?

Blood circulation is a vital aspect to overall health: proper circulation will help to equalize blood pressure, efficiently heal wounds, purify blood, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. This formula works by using a combination of natural and organic stimulants and herbs to recharge and regulate the bloodstream and improve circulation. 

With continued use, you will see faster healing, increased metabolism and energy, and improved overall health. 

100% Natural Ingredients:

Cayenne Pepper: This type of pepper works as a shock to your bloodstream, stimulating circulation and helping blood to reach areas of need, such as wounds or areas of soreness. Contains capsaicin, an energizing antioxidant that provides pain relief and blood purification along with increased circulation. 

Parsley Root: A blood purifier and diuretic that stimulates blood flow and has antiseptic effects. 

Ginger Root: An anti-inflammatory that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol along with preventing blood clots. 

Golden Seal Root: A detoxifier that improves blood vessel tone and may prevent diabetes and cancer. 

Siberian Ginseng: This stimulant reduces blood pressure by aiding the body in adapting to stress—a common factor in high blood pressure.  

Garlic Bulb: A blood pressure reducer that can treat hypertension, stimulating chemicals that relax blood vessels. 

Suggested use: Take one serving of two pills, with three servings daily. More serious users should not use more than 3 servings in 45 days.

Why Circulation Is Important:

Every part of your body needs blood, and circulation is the force that gets it there. Areas of need are those that may lead to wound, disease, or hair loss because they are not getting enough nutrients from the blood. Circulation may become poor for a variety of factors, including disorders, injuries, and aging. 

Some disorders of the circulatory system include:

Hypertension: Otherwise known as high blood pressure. It can be cause by age, diet, weight, stress and other factors along with being a complication of another condition. Healthy blood circulation can lower blood pressure and reduce this risk. 

Embolism: A blood clot caused by a number of conditions, including heart disease, smoking, and hypertension. Can be extremely dangerous if the clot enters the lungs, heart, or brain. 

Aneurysm: The thinning of an artery wall or vein that results in a pooling of blood. Using Blood Circulation Formula will help keep artery and vein walls healthy. 

Gangrene: Tissue death as a result of lack of blood supply. Healthy circulation will help spread blood to all necessary areas. 

Atherosclerosis: Deposits of fat line the arteries, blocking the flow of blood. Lowered cholesterol, blood pressure, and increased circulation can help treat and prevent this condition.

Blood Circulation Formula FAQs:

Q: What does a stimulant mean in this sense? Will it keep me from falling asleep?
A: While you may experience a mild natural boost in energy, partly because of the ingredients’ organic and healthy nature, the stimulant effect mainly refers to the “charged” effect on the bloodstream and the ability to produce chemicals and change as a result of that charge.

Q: What are the complications of high blood pressure?
A: High blood pressure can lead to blood clots, increased chance for heart attack or stroke, and other problems with the circulatory system.

Q: How does Blood Circulation Formula prevent and treat hair loss?
A: An effective treatment and prevention for hair loss is healthy circulation. Healthy scalp circulation stimulates growth of healthy hair, helping to regrow or prevent baldness.

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